Author Q&A with Ethan Stone

Hello, ladies and gents!! If hot guys, fantastic dialogue, and heart-pounding action (in both paranormal and contemporary varieties) are your thing, then you’ve got to check out Ethan Stone’s books!! Today we’re featuring his newest release, PAST TENSE, the cover and blurb are below. He was also kind enough to answer our author Q&A, so take a peek at that, as well.


Jason Holt was a young man when he lost everything; his family, his boyfriend, and his safety. He’s been on the run since, hiding from an evil man bent on revenge. Las Vegas was supposed to just be another pit stop in his travels but when he learns the very man he’s hiding from is in Sin City Jason decides it’s time to stop hiding.

Private detective Quinn Reynolds lost the man he loved several years ago and since then he has been hiding from life. He can’t move on and is obsessed with making the man responsible for his lover’s death pay for the crime.

When Jason comes to Quinn for help, Quinn finds a reason to move on. The dangerous situation around them quickly escalates and together they face an unimaginable evil. Can they survive the darkness and make it through to the light on the other side?

Author Q&A

1) When you write, do you prefer quiet, or do you listen to music? If you like music playing, what is your preferred genre? Do certain characters have their own personal “soundtrack”?

I’m not much of a music person, though I do occasionally listen to music. But I can’t always do total quiet either. Lately, I’ve listened to audio books while writing. I’ve never had characters who have their own soundtrack though Wolf Moon was originally inspired by the song “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

2) Where do you write? In an office, at the dining room table, at a local coffeeshop? Do you prefer to write alone or with a group? If you write with a group, do you also read/critique each other’s work?

I live with my dad right now, so I write either in my bedroom in my recliner or in the living room. I’ve never written with others, though I’d like to try it someday. I want to go to a park and sit and right but I keep finding excuses not to do it. Though in my defense, I do live in Oregon where it can be clear skies and sunny one second and raining dogs, cats and rabbits the next.

3) How do you prepare for release day? Are you calm and focused, or do you get stressed? Do you like to make promotional appearances or stay at home to watch lists and numbers?

My release on May 23, Past Tense, I was unusually calm. On previous releases I’ve been a mess the days before and after the release, checking numbers and reviews on an hourly basis. This time I purposely did not do that because my stress level is high enough.

4) What was your favorite Halloween costume (or other costume party costume)?

When I was around twelve years old, I was going to walk in a Halloween parade so I wanted a cool costume. My dad and brother helped me make a totally rocking robot suit out of cardboard. I loved it…until I walked in the parade. I had no peripheral vision whatsoever and could only see a few feet in front of me. I spent the entire parade worried I was going to walk into or over something.

5) If you could go anywhere on vacation (and not interfere with your deadlines), where would you go, and what 3 items (besides food and clothes) would you bring with you?

I want somewhere warm. A sunny beach with clear water and hot men in skimpy thongs. I’d bring my laptop, my kindle and a bottle of lube.

6) What song best describes your life? If you can’t think of one, who would you want to write/perform a song just for you?

Thanks to an ex, Kelly Clarkson’s Because of You fits me well.

7) If you could spend a day with one of your characters, who would be it and what would you do all day?

Without a doubt, Linc Carpenter from Bartender, PI. I’d take him to downtown Portland which is so full of fun and interesting people and get his take on everybody.

8) What world record would you love to set for the Guinness Book of World Records? (Remember, they take ALL KINDS of interesting talents into account. Some world records include *fastest 100m sprint, barefoot, on ice = 17.35 secs… *fastest pumpkin carving of a face = 24.03 secs… *longest distance pogo stick jumping = 23.11 miles)

Best ability to procrastinate. I should work on that, maybe tomorrow.

9) If you could have one word removed from the English language, from all dictionaries and out of everyone’s vocabulary, what would it be, and why? If you could ADD one word, what would it be?

I’d remove the slang “hella” because it just annoys the hell out of me. And I want to the word “totes” as an abbreviation of “totally.” Some people have said totes is not a word, but I believe totes is totes a word. (That was totes for you, Kade Boehme.)

10)  What is one thing about you that your friends know and you would love your readers to know as well. Or… if you’re in a giving mood… what is one story that your friends LOVE to talk you into telling that you don’t generally volunteer?

I’m sure there are lots of embarrassing stories about me, but I have a very bad memory and I seem to have conveniently blocked out the stupid things I’ve done.

For any reader who wants to watch me do something stupid all you need to do is get a few vodka cranberry drinks into me and I’m bound to do or say something extremely moronic.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for taking a few minutes to answer some questions for us.

Welcome, welcome, welcome. If you have follow up questions let me know.

EthanStone_author_p_lr-210x315Bio: Ethan Stone has recently returned to Oregon after 12 years in Nevada and is working on re-growing his webbed feet. He has been obsessed with two things in his life: books and all things gay. After spending years trying to ignore the voices in his head, he finally decided to sit down and listen to them. What he discovered was a perfect union of his two obsessions.

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