Review: DARK UNION (Descent series, #3) by S M Reine

du-v2-webAuthor: S M Reine
Release Date: July 1, 2012
Pages: 115
ISBN #: 1230000111024
FTC Disclaimer: Book was purchased by the reviewer, with no publisher or author involvement.

Readers might remember, in SM Reine’s first novel in The Descent series, kopis (demon-hunter) Elise Kavanagh received a call from another kopis named McIntyre, who informed her of a meeting she wished to attend. Nothing was spoken of it in the rest of Death’s Hand nor at all during The Darkest Gate, but Dark Union, the third book in this chilling series about a demon-hunter who has the power to kill all immortal beings (including God), brings the reader right in the middle of the meeting of the human kopes, and both the ethereal and infernal hierarchy.

But this time, something’s different. There is now a “Union” who are trying to gather up kopes and make them all one large organization instead of one kopis and aspis running their “territory”…everybody shares. That doesn’t go over well with Elise but that isn’t the biggest problem at hand, nor is the impending hostile takeover of Eloquent Blood, the demon bar located beneath a popular Reno casino her main concern once she reaches the small Nevada town where the meeting is being held.
She and her boyfriend, hunter-in-training Anthony Morales, have to pretend to be McIntyre (the kopis) and his wife, Letecia (the aspis), in order to infiltrate the Union and stop their recruitment while the other couple goes to have their baby in peace.
Elise and Anthony do this favor, but things turn sour when the Union arrests both of them, believing them to be those that they are impersonating and want to charge them with murdering a Union colleague.
Meanwhile, Elise and her aspis, James Faulkner, are trying to deal with the connection they developed during their last battle, which left them so closely connected that they can feel, see and hear each others’ thoughts…which isn’t at all pleasant, since Elise isn’t too happy with James running off to San Francisco to meet his girlfriend’s parents when she needed him with her.
And…who is Benjamin Flynn, this precognitive who seems to know all about Elise? And how can she influence this meeting between the denizens of Heaven and Hell?
Dark Union was a shorter novel in length than its predecessors, but it was jam-packed with events, information and action. It also included a bit of detective work on Elise’s part, plus delved more into her relationship with Anthony and why she feels she can’t move any faster or further with him than she already has.
It’s about testing the waters of friendship, love and strength and, again, ends on a cliffhanger that will make the reader ache for the next installment in the series!
I give this one a 4/5 only because it should’ve been longer…because I wanted to just keep reading and not let the novel end!


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