Guest Blog: Sit! Stay! Swoon! by Jessa Slade

Sit! Stay! Swoon!

JessaI write paranormal romance, urban fantasy romance, and science fiction romance, so I like to think I have a fairly active imagination, and sometimes even I still think, “Well, that’s just crazy.”

That’s kind of what went through my head when a sexy Alpha werewolf jumped into my dark fey storyworld. Oh, Beck Villanova looked like a great hero. He had the attitude, the moves… and the requisite rippling abs 😉 But when he showed up, I originally told him to take a seat and I’d be with him after I finished the Steel Born story I had in mind.

Yeah, turns out, you don’t deny an Alpha werewolf. Here’s a scene from MATED BY MOONLIGHT where Merrilee briefly considers denying him:

Beck was magnificent, even for wolf-kind. He sacrificed none of his immense size to the change. If anything, his heavy ruff and luxurious tail tipped with silver made him seem even larger. His eyes were the same molten gold though. Not exactly the same, of course. A wereling’s eyes always seemed brighter, as if some tarnish of the human flesh was scoured away. Despite the flattening effects of the moonlight, the gold gleamed at her with a purity that made her shuffle her paws uncomfortably in the long grass.

She tilted back her head to stare up at the moon and breathed out a long sigh as she shifted. Her bones ached and her skin felt seared by terrible sunburn as she made the change. She reared up onto her back legs—no, her only pair of legs now as she shifted back to her human flesh—so she could stand over him.

But when her vision cleared, Beck was standing too, big and naked.

Like Merrilee, I whined and I thrashed around a bit, but Beck gripped the back of my neck in that oh-so irresistible way that male Alphas have, and said, “You. Me. This story. Now.”

When he put it that way…

I wasn’t sure the Steel Born world was big enough for werelings. These shapeshifting creatures are ruled by wild, earthy passions that didn’t quite fit with the seething, restrained desires of the dark fey folk who stalk through DARK HUNTER’S TOUCH and A LITTLE NIGHT MUSE.

But turns out, Beck was right. Who better to rip apart the fantastical (and sometimes terrifying) glamours of the phaedrealii – the exiled court of my magical and forgotten beings – than a big, bold, bad wolf?

The werelings walk in the light of the verita luna – the Second Truth – which is their inner beast. Though they have two shapes, both are true to who they are. Meanwhile, the phae are beings of illusion and dreams, where truth is what they make of it.

I think most of us feel sometimes that we are walking an uncertain line between what is “true” and the changes we want to make real. Maybe we all have a little bit of phae and a little bit of wereling inside us already. So fine, Beck, quit howling at me. You can come play in my storyworld.

See, this is why Alphas are so arrogant.

Still, I worry I should’ve made him wait. You give an Alpha male werewolf an inch and he’ll run you for miles. Or maybe that’s not why I’m panting 😉 So what do you think: Could you say “sit” to an Alpha male werewolf? Leave a comment for a chance to win a pair of “Alpha’s Heart” Swarovski dangle earrings. Giveaway starts now, and ends at midnight, pacific, on Saturday, July 6th. Good luck, everyone!!




Steel Born #3, Harlequin Nocturne Cravings

cover Mated By Moonlight Jessa SladeAs the latest in a long line of female Alphas, Merrilee Delemont lives by the code be strong always. While she will never forsake her duty to her pack, she sometimes longs for a mate to share her life with. At least she’s found someone to share her bed: Beck Villanova, leader of the neighboring wolf pack.

Their red-hot attraction and struggle for dominance leads to wild sex, but any chance of a real relationship goes up in smoke. Until phae invaders threaten the peace of their remote valley, forcing Merrille and Beck to finally decide which is more important: vying for power, or a passionate partnership that could change their lives forever.


Jessa Slade writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy romance and science fiction romance. Basically, anything with woo-woo and woo-hoo! The third book in her Steel Born series—and her first werewolf book!—MATED BY MOONLIGHT, is out now. | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest


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  2. Comment by Jessa Slade:

    Thanks for letting me come post about my alpha troubles, Jennifer! I guess I wouldn’t mind having Beck hiding under my desk during the fireworks 😉

  3. Comment by bn100:

    Probably not

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  4. Comment by Linda Mercury:

    I would ask him to sit. Otherwise, how could I straddle him??

  5. Comment by Jessa Slade:

    😉 I don’t think they listen anyway!

  6. Comment by Jessa Slade:

    Ha! I shoulda known I could count on you for such an answer!

  7. Comment by Jessa Slade:

    Cathryn Cade is the queen of alpha males! And making ’em bow 🙂

  8. Comment by Lily Santana:

    I think you are taking on an immense risk by allowing Beck into your storyworld. He’ll take over, rule, and wreak havoc creating spine tingling conflict that will make us want to turn each page in breathless anticipation. Smart move, Chica! Always heed the alpha.

  9. Comment by Jessa Slade:

    Men are always troublesome beasts! I suppose making them ACTUAL beasts only clarifies the matter 😉

  10. Comment by Diane Sallans:

    Well, I could say ‘sit’, but he may not listen – at least not for long!

  11. Comment by Kai W.:

    i don’t think so unless the alpha knows that I am very vexed with him.

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