Words & Music Monday with Michele Hauf


Today’s Words & Music Monday features a story that truly brings together those two worlds!!! Huge thanks to Michele Hauf for joining us to talk about her latest Nocturne release, and offer a fantastic prize!!! See details below.

megargoyleI’m excited for readers to finally have the chance to read about Domingos and Lark in my latest vampire romance, BEAUTIFUL DANGER.  The story is set in Paris and is the first in my Order of the Stake mini-series, which features knights in the Order who are vampire hunters.  Lark is the first woman knight, and she has sworn to kill one vampire for every day the vampires kept her husband in captivity before he died—366 kills.  But #72 is proving difficult, and Domingos will force Lark to face her fears and prejudices against the vampire breed.

Since this is Music Monday I’m going to give you all the playlist for this book!  Often, when I’m writing a story certain songs will stand out as either theme songs for the main characters or mood music that really gets my brain in the gear of the story.  I don’t listen to music as I’m writing, but when I’m in the car, or editing, then I crank the tunes.  This story, especially, is filled with music because Domingos is a musician, a cello player.  (Though he gave it up after being transformed to vampire a few years before the story takes place).  I imagine him a sort of heavy-metal/classical cellist a la Apocalyptica.  And Lark plays violin.

So do you think music can help heal a tortured soul?  You’ll have to read the story to find out.


Find Michele here: michelehauf.com


pinterest.com/toastfaery  (For the Domingos/Lark board page down to an alphabetical listings of story Characters Boards.)


So, my lovelies… what do you think?? Can music heal?? What picture does THIS music paint of Domingos?? Comment below and enter to win one of TWO copies of BEAUTIFUL DANGER, offered by Michele!!! Contest open until midnight, pacific, on Sunday, July 14th. Good Luck, everyone!!


  1. Comment by bn100:

    I think it can. He sounds tortured.

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  2. Comment by michelehauf:

    Hi! Just found this post today! How cool that you’ve linked to all the songs. I’ve never actually seen the video for Korn’s Coming Undone, so that was a cool way to start the day.
    Hope everyone enjoys reading Beautiful Danger!

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