15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 1

Well… considering how bad I am as following through with these kinds of things, this might be a bad idea… but it sounds like SO MUCH FUN!! So… I’m gonna give it a shot, lol!!! Cross your fingers and let’s see if we can do this, lol!!!

15DayBloggerChallengeSo… April from Good Books and Good Wine created this little 15 day challenge (you can read about what prompted it by clicking on the graphic above). I’m starting about 4 or 5 days behind her, but she says that’s ok… so here goes… my day 1: 15 Book Related Confessions.

  1. I am woefully behind on just about EVERY series I read.
  2. The reason for #1 is that I CAN’T STOP BUYING NEW BOOKS!!
  3. The reason for #2 is that I’m a manager in a bookstore.
  4. I’m a horrible procrastinator, in all things, even book (and book blog) things.
  5. I don’t “baby” my books, they get bent, creased, etc, while reading/transporting.
  6. I MUCH prefer print to ebook.
  7. I have a Nook just so I have a portable way to read ARCs and no-print-option books.
  8. I’m a total HEA kinda girl.
  9. I’ve moved upward and outward, but Twilight is what brought be to all things UF and PNR.
  10. I have a (rapidly filling) shelf dedicated to Twilight fic-to-print.
  11. I have almost as many “TBR” books on my bookshelves as I do “read” books!
  12. I use post-it notes in my books to make notes for review or book club discussion.
  13. I love abs, and butts, and pretty faces… but I’m kinda over the BODY ONLY cover art phase.
  14. I don’t read many Indie books… unless they are very enthusiastically recommended. (Too many really bad experiences.)
  15. I would LOVE to have a review quote on a book cover or lining some day 🙂

Hopefully… I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow with my bedtime reading ritual 🙂 If you  have any “Book Related Confessions” you’d like to share… I’d love to hear them below!! Maybe if we do this together, I’ll actually make it to the end, lol!!!


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    TBR piles are a scary thing ^_^

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