Guest Blog: “BLANK” Makes Me Happy with Rachel Caine

MV_twitter_badgeHello, my lovelies!! Today’s special guest is someone you should ALL be familiar with. Rachel Caine is the author of multiple bestselling book series, and writes for both adults and teens. Her wildly popular Morganville Vampires series is coming to an end later this year, but fans plan to extend the life of their favorite story a bit longer. Today is the LAST DAY of a Kickstarter fundraising effort to produce a web series!! Originally, I planned this post both to show my support for the series, and to help direct people to the page (and hopefully, to contribute towards their goal). I’m still doing that, BUT THEY MADE THEIR CAMPAIGN GOAL!!!! Pardon me while I happy dance!!! So… yes, please still go check out the details (click the logo button to the left), and if you’re interested in helping to make Morganville: The Web Series just a little better, consider adding to their pledge total.
In the mean time… Rachel is joining us to talk about something that makes her happy (something BESIDE meeting the Kickstarter goal), HATS!!! For one of the early milestones in the campaign, she posted a video wearing a delightful hat, and I practically begged her to talk more about what prompted that. (To see the hat video, click HERE.)
Rachel_signing_032313_largeHATS MAKE ME HAPPY
I went through a long period of my life completely mystified by the idea of hats. Why would anyone want to put something on their heads? Especially if your hair already looked okay? (Mind you, I grew up in the Southwestern desert of the US, so this tells you a lot about my lack of foresight.)
I think my hat epiphany was at a garage sale about 20 years ago, when I spied a black velvet hat (a toque, if you want to be specific about it) that I picked up and, on a dare, sat on my head. I looked in the handy mirror. Huh, I thought. So that’s kinda neat. It was also a quarter. SOLD. I had bought my first hat.
The second was much like the first, another garage sale acquisition — a weird spidery contraption made of pipe cleaners that appealed to some desire for the bizarre inside me. Then I found a couple of hats at an antique mall. Next came the purchase of a hatbox, to put all the hats in, naturally.hatbox
Then I bought a sunhat, thinking that would be practical and pretty. ERROR. My face and my head and not sunhat-compatible. I quickly got rid of that and turned to more, uh, unusual fare. Pointy witch hats in gaudy colors, for Halloween. Slouch hats, for RenFaires. Fancy little ’40s hats, for … well, I haven’t figured that out quite yet. And even a ball cap or two, though I never get around to wearing them.
I now have vintage hats, modern hats, costume hats, hats for the sun, hats for dramatic evening wear, basically all the hats. The fact that hats are not yet common everyday wear is a sadness to me, but I’m doing my best to bring them back.
Maybe I should run a Kickstarter to produce hats … wait. I’m doing a Kickstarter to do a web series. That makes a lot more sense. (In case you hadn’t heard, we made our $75k goal for MORGANVILLE: THE SERIES and are shooting for the moon with 2 days to go!)
But I’ll bet you’ll see some of my hats on screen on the web series. Because why not.
Here is a shot of some of my hats. I hope they make you giggle.
— Rachel

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