Review: DARKSTAR (DarkStar Trilogy, #1) by Carol J Hansen

DarkStarAuthor: Carol J Hansen
Release Date: April 1, 2011
Pages: 404
ISBN #: 9781456582715
FTC Disclaimer: Book was purchased by the reviewer, with no publisher or author involvement.

Fantasy/sci-fi books are supposed to take readers to another plane when they read, make reality disappear for a few blissful hours. That’s exactly what Carol J. Hansen’s debut, self-published novel “DarkStar” does for the reader, not just with the ethereal storyline, but with the raw, purely human emotions she conveys in her prose.

The Warshaw family wizardry’s future, the Mysticryss, is compromised when rightful heir to the “unseen world”, Ayden Warshaw, consorts with black magic and is disowned by the family, leaving younger brother Alec to learn the ropes in a mere three years.

To give seventeen-year-old Alec a taste of normalcy before he begins his serious studies (and to take him away from his nefarious brother’s plans for revenge), his grandfather, the Grand Wizard of Warwickshire, sends him from England to scenic Logan, Utah, USA, to attend public school with his non-magical cousins.  Handsome Alec meets pretty Amrie Morgan, Utah native and friend of his cousin, Nigel. Amrie has been plagued by strange dreams her entire life; dreams that consist of a mysterious presence and a crescent moon with a star enclosed in its tips.

Alec’s family crest is a crescent moon with a star the same ethereal blue as Alec’s eyes enclosed in its tips. The two are inevitably drawn to each other by not just love, but by fate, and as they explore their budding romance, Amrie is also exploring Alec’s oddities, which include seemingly being able to read her mind and turn caterpillars into butterflies. But not only does Alec have to endure his family abhorring his relationship with a “normal”, Amrie has to deal with her best friend Rand’s jealousy of her relationship, as Rand has always loved Amrie, but she has never felt anything more for him than the love of a sibling at best.

But things come to a head when Amrie’s friend Zoe meets a mysterious twenty-year-old guy who expresses excess interest in both Alec and Amrie, and things go further south than ever for the young couple. Alec is faced with danger, death and the use of his still-forming and much resented powers.

Carol J. Hansen’s debut novel explores the concept of magic, both light and dark, and how it effects the mortal world as a whole and humans individually. It shows that wizardry is not only for Harry Potter and that evil could be lurking anywhere–even in a nice little town like Logan, Utah.

I highly recommend this story (the first in a trilogy) to anyone looking for a new way to view magic and romance. It is well-plotted and has a cast of unique characters.

The link below will send you to where you can purchase the book, and also, if you’re interested, you can also purchase the three song EP that accompanies the novel on that link as well, which was written, produced and performed by Matt Lande (ex-StorySide:B and Heaven Is Where). In my opinion, listening to the beautiful lyrics, vocals and music while reading the novel is the ultimate otherworldly experience.

Enjoy your first look into the “unseen world”.

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I definitely give this book (original and the newly republished version) a 5/5. Wonderful work on a debut novel and I am highly anticipating the sequel, Wizard.


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