15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 2


So… April from Good Books and Good Wine created this little 15 day challenge (you can read about what prompted it by clicking on the graphic above). I’m starting about 4 or 5 days behind her, but she says that’s ok… so here goes… my day 2: What’s my bedtime reading ritual?

This is easy, cause it’s pretty much my “anytime reading ritual”. I generally read on my bed, so it’s the same whenever, lol. I generally lay on my stomach (or my side) on my bean bag, with my book (or Nook, but usually my book) laying flat on the bed. The bean bag mushes down to exactly where I need it to be, no matter what little shifts I make to stay comfortable. No worries about the weight of anything, the book’s not going anywhere if/when I start to pass out. It’s a win/win setup 🙂

Ok, my lovelies… YOUR TURN! What’s your (anytime) reading ritual?? Does anyone else use a bean bag??

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