15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 5


So… April from Good Books and Good Wine created this little 15 day challenge (you can read about what prompted it by clicking on the graphic above). I’m starting about 4 or 5 days behind her, but she says that’s ok… so here goes…

I was on a roll… 3 days in and everything was lovely… then I missed two days in a row!!! So… playing catch up. There’ll be 3 of these posts today, lol.

And… we’re up to number 5: Recommend a tear jerker.

Well, now. Considering I don’t like books that make me cry, this is going to be a challenge for me. I have read book, very very good books, that I really love, that have made me cry. When that happens, I take a moment to mentally grumble at the author, and move on. It is VERY hard for me to pick up a book to read if I KNOW it’s going to make me cry. (One of the reasons I refuse to read The Fault In Our Stars!)

So… with that in mind… I’ll recommend a couple of books that I loved DESPITE their making me cry, not BECAUSE they did.

1) After The Night by Linda Howard – This was my very first “romance book”. I’ve probably reread this book about 50 times, and I cry in the same place every. single. time.

2) Sisters of the Moon/Otherworld series by Yasmine Galenorn – The storyline of these books takes a decidedly darker turn after the first few books. And although I love the characters, and the world, and the series… Yasmine has managed to tweak my waterworks in many of the more recent additions. There is comic relief, and lots of romance, but the bad is really bad, and I DON’T LIKE IT!!! *shakes fist at the meanie-head author*

So… now it’s your turn… what books get to YOU?? *I’ll be making a note of which books I should avoid, lol* Do you LIKE the books that make you weepy? Why did you cry, and WHY SHOULD I READ THEM ANYWAY???

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