Review: VAMPIRE THIRST (Dragon Heat, #2) by Ella J Phoenix

Vampire-Thirst_Kindle_1563xAuthor: Ella J Phoenix
Release Date: June 15, 2013
Pages: 263
FTC Disclaimer: Book was received from the author for the purpose of an honest review.

After finishing Ella J. Phoenix’s Dragon Heat, I immediately went for her new novel based on the characters from that book, called Vampire Thirst. I am so glad Ms. Phoenix asked me to review the books for BMMH! Read on and see why…

For centuries, vampires and dragons/draconians have despised each other. Their war ended in the 1800s, but the two species still do not trust each other. So, when the draconian senators get word that a draconian demigoddess, Zoricah, has taken up with the vampire king, Tardieh, they don’t like it one bit.
In Dragon Heat, we learned that a crazed vampire had been kidnapping vampire and draconian females in order to breed them into “superbeings”. Zoricah and her female warriors (panther shifter Yara and Sam, a human who can use her energy as a weapon) couldn’t rescue a senator’s daughter by themselves, so they recruited Tardieh (who owed Zoricah a favor for two centuries) and his three royal guards (Hikuro, a Japanese ninja and the head of the guards; Dyam and Joel, the two right below him).
They defeated the crazed vampire, only to find out that he wasn’t working alone. The teams split up in Vampire Thirst: the vamps to Spain and Zoricah’s clan to England, to search. (Much to the chagrin of the demigoddess, who had fallen head over heels for Tardieh, and he for she.)
Hikuro joins the women with a message from his king, that they might have found the lair of the second creature in a small tourist town in Spain. Zoricah goes to join him, Dyam and Joel, leaving Hikuro with Sam and Yara to gather more information in London/Camden Town.
The story focuses heavily on the mysterious Sam Austen (not her real name, by the by) and her strange predicament: being wholly human (or so her blood tests say) but never aging since she was about twenty years old and Zoricah broke her out of an insane asylum/torture chamber in a London neighborhood. She can use her energy to attack someone, but cannot control her powers properly, because she is afraid she might kill someone innocent…like Hikuro, whom she fears she has fallen madly in love with.
Hikuro loves Sam, but how can he be with her when she keeps pushing him away? His being a vampire doesn’t faze either of them, but if Sam lets loose completely with him, he may not survive. But when things ignite between them, the reader may just be left with their mouths hanging open in shock!
And why is a draconian senator hiring a wolf shifter with deep gambling debts for information? Even worse, why is a different senator hiring the same creature to kill a VERY high profile target?
If you liked Dragon Heat, you will LOVE Vampire Thirst! I couldn’t put it down; in fact, I read all through the night! Sam’s story is great and relatable for “normal” humans who have suffered from anxiety, which disables Sam a few times during this story. If you’ve ever been afraid to love and be loved; afraid to let loose; afraid of trusting someone else with your already fragile heart, you will sigh with pleasure at reading hers and Hikuro’s story.
This novel contains danger, sex, blood and deceit. It is the ultimate horror/romance novel but with twists and turns that will keep you, reader on the edge of your seat.
(Who knows, it may even keep you up all night, too!)
5/5 stars for this one–incredible!



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