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Hello, all!! Today’s Words & Music Monday post goes hand in hand with a book blast for Nina Croft’s DEADLY PURSUIT. You can check out some info about the book on that post by clicking here (and there’s a cool contest, too!!). Below is a bit of musical Q&A regarding Nina’s writing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADo you compile a “playlist” or “soundtrack” for you stories? If so, which comes first, the character/scene or the song.

No, I don’t compile a soundtrack. In fact, I very rarely listen to music when I’m actually writing. Not because I find it a distraction, but because I usually just tune it out and don’t notice. But songs often inspire me to write scenes or invent characters—and it’s always the song that comes first in that case.

Some authors have certain bands or types of music that they listen to while writing certain types of scenes (slow love songs for love scenes… harder rock or metal songs for action scenes… etc.) Does any particular type of music inspire you for scenes, or is the inspiration more character driven?

My inspiration for a scene is usually character driven when I’m writing pure romance, and character or plot driven when I’m writing more action type stories like Deadly Pursuit. Though sometimes when I get stuck on a scene, then I’ll stop writing and I’ll listen to music for a while and just free think. I love all sorts of music from country to rock, but one of my favourite love songs is “Amoureuse” by Kiki Dee and I’ll often listen to that if I want to get into the mood for writing romance.

Do your characters have theme songs? Do your couples have “their song”?

Alex, the heroine of Deadly Pursuit, had a very repressed childhood. She grew up as the High Priestess, incarcerated in a convent and had no fun at all. She finally ran away on a whim when everything got too much, and while she means to go back, she’s determined to pack as much excitement into her time away as she can. If Alex had to pick her own theme song, she’d give herself something like “Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf, or maybe “Rebel, Rebel” by David Bowie, but in actual fact she’s probably more of a “I Want to Know What Love Is” by Foreigner, kind of girl.

Jon, my hero, is a lawman turned werewolf turned assassin. Alex would like to think Jon’s theme tune was “Waiting for a Girl Like You” from Foreigner, but sadly, that’s just more wishful thinking on her part.

Jon is a total loner at the start of the book having decided long ago that he never wants to be responsible for anyone again. So maybe for him—Green Day’s, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” (this is another of my favourite songs for listening too when I’m stuck for words.) The line “I walk alone” just about sums Jon up.DP_RGB-500px

For “their song”, I think “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal. There’s a line in the song, “You become the light on the dark side of me,” that sums up how Alex (in the end at least) makes Jon feel.

 If you could choose only one song to sum up DEADLY PURSUIT, what would it be?

I think “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen, because it’s one of my favorites and Jon and Alex do a whole lot of running in Deadly Pursuit, from their pasts, from each other, from the bad guys…and even just for fun.

If you could choose a personal “theme song”, what would it be? If you can’t think of one, who would you want to write/perform your song?

Like Alex, I’d love to pick something like “Born to be Wild” as my theme tune, but again, like Alex I’m probably deluding myself. So for me…I think I’m going to go with “Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer. After all, I do spend my life writing about love!


  1. Comment by Lynn Crain:

    Interesting choices but some of my favorites too. I love listening to music when writing and sometimes it does inspire me to write a character differently than I had originally intended. Great post!

  2. Comment by Bethanne:

    Gonna have to face it, Nina! 😀

  3. Comment by jennifershirk:

    Ha! I’m a huge Foreigner fan!
    Fun post!

  4. Comment by suttonfox:

    Lots of my favs in there! Thoroughly enjoyed this post. Thanks!

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