Coastal Magic Convention Contest with Gini Koch: Day 2

WOO HOO!!! Our contest’s first day was pretty cool… lots of you checking out Coastal Magic Convention details. A lot of “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” love left in the comments 🙂 Yesterday’s winner has been posted and notified… and we’re on to day two!!!!


DINNER WITH GINI AT COASTAL MAGIC… ON US!! That’s right, Gini will pick the place, and Books Make Me Happy will be picking up your bill. (All winners must be registered to attend Coastal Magic no later than December 31, 2013. Please check out the convention website for registration information and a listing of additional Featured Authors.)

There will be three questions, one each day, related to Gini’s Words & Music Monday post. (You don’t HAVE to read that post to answer the questions, but we’d love it if you did. There is some interesting insight into the musical influences of the Alien Series.) To enter, simply answer the question in the comment section, along with your name and email address. I will close the comments at the end of each day at midnight pacific time. Winner will be posted and notified, and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. Contest will run Oct 1-3, 2013, and will include three separate posts. Commenters may enter on multiple days, but may only win once.

So… Dinner with Gini Koch at Coastal Magic – Question for Day 2 is…

I’ve seen Aerosmith live (more than once, ‘natch), as well as Mötley Crüe. And while I’ve been to a lot of concerts, I have yet to see a live show featuring any of the others mentioned in my post. But in addition to Aerosmith, the best bands I’ve seen live are Iron Maiden and No Doubt, because Bruce from Iron Maiden and Gwen from No Doubt both bring it as hard and as great as Screamin’ Steven Tyler, and that’s high praise indeed.

What’s the best concert you’ve been to and what made it so awesome?

 I’m a concert junkie, so I’m really looking forward to your answers so I can add people to my list of shows to try to attend, lol!!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!


  1. Comment by Robin K:

    Well this is just embarrassing but I have never been to a concert and am fairly certain bar bands do not count. 😉 *hangs head in shame*

    robin (at) gobookcoverdesign (dot) com

  2. Comment by Melinda Zedekar:

    Bon Jovi Concert this past year.. it was one of the last concerts before they let Richie go..

  3. Comment by pamk258:

    lol I have done a lot of concerts. But I did get to see Rick Springfield when I was 14 and crushing on him bad lol.

  4. Comment by Trina.ADR:

    It was Kansas and it was a free concert. They are fantastic live, musically and the singing – just amazing. It was in St. Joseph, Michigan at the time. For paid concert is was U2 probably in the late 1980’s in Tampa, Florida, they were awesome. I’d love to see Aerosmith live – I think I saw a clip not too long ago where ST pushed JP off the stage, I would definitely pay to see that, rivalries to the bitter end! LOL

  5. Comment by Trina.ADR:

    forgot my email trinadunning (at) yahoo (dot) com

  6. Comment by jovialvampyre:

    No question about it – Bon Jovi! They put on such an awesome show. Non-stop thrill ride all the way. And I got to see one of the last shows with Sambora :).

  7. Comment by Lynn Crain:

    Well, let’s see…I got to see the Who, Wings, Jethro Tull, Rolling Stones, Heart more times than I could count, Sheryl Crow, All American Rejects, Melissa Etheridge, The Cars, The Pretenders…and God only knows who else.

    The Who, Wings, Jethro Tull, and the Rolling Stones were in the era where all you had to do was go to a concert and be happy. The best part is I had a good time with good friends and would definitely not wanted to miss a thing. LOL!

  8. Comment by Brian Pituley:

    I’ve been to a few rock concerts – Fleetwood Mac, Deep Purple, Ted Nugent, Jethro Tull, Steve Vai – but the one concert I remember most was given by a Canadian folk/country/blue grass quartet of female performers. The group? Quartette.

    I think it left such an impression with me because of the intimacy of the venue, the accessibility of the artists, and the honesty of the music they presented. Just four people singing together with minimal instrumental accompaniment. Beautiful. 20 years later it was the first concert that came to mind.

  9. Comment by JoAnna B:

    I haven’t been to many concerts but my favorite was Billy Joel and Elton John. I love the piano man! And seeing him and Elton together was just amazing.

    Beckerjo at verizon dot net

  10. Comment by jonesjarnes:

    My favorite was Neil Diamond. I love all the music in the Alien books.
    jonesjnd at yahoo dot com.

  11. Comment by miabama:

    uh… NKOTB? or Beach Boys or The Kingston Trio

  12. Comment by miabama:

    uh Beach Boys was with family back in the 80’s and I think The Kingston Trio concert was around that time too. Oh! I can’t forget James Taylor concerts. Love JT music. 🙂

  13. Comment by Shawn S.:

    I haven’t been to a lot of concerts but the ones I do go to seem to be memorable.
    Sheesh, this is gonna date me. When I graduated from High School, I went to Grad Night at Disneyland. Basically, graduating seniors get to spend all night in the park with live bands and themed extra events. The band playing in the Tomorrowland Pavilion was an up and coming group named (get this) Motley Crue. Yes, the one and only and we managed to catch both shows.

    Just a couple of years later, I went to a Hall and Oats concert that took place in a hotel ballroom (tiny for their popularity at that time). We were in about row 5, close enough to get splattered with sweat from the tossing hair onstage. I don’t think I could hear for like 3 days because we were right on top of the sound system but it was SO worth it!

    My favorite all time showman though has to be George Thorogood. He was rocking out, made a hand pass at the front of the stage and someone pulled him off the stage! I froze, imagining the worst, the crowd got really quiet. Before any of us had time really even react, we heard that voice of his yelling for someone to give him a hand up. He bounced up like a character from a video game. a couple of roadies pulled him up on stage, he plugged his guitar back in and performed one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my life!


  14. Comment by Jennifer:

    I’m such a concert fan… there’s just nothing like seeing a band you love performing live. Some of my favorites have been Def Leppard, 30 Seconds To Mars, Bon Jovi, George Strait, and Bruce Springsteen. But enough about me… on to the WINNER 🙂

    JoAnna B!!!!

    Congratulations, JoAnna… your email is on it’s way!! See you by the beach in February!!

    Thanks to everyone for entering… there’s still one more day to win your chance to have dinner with Gini, Beth, and JoAnna!! Check out Day 3’s post, and Good Luck!!

  15. Comment by Angela:

    In 2008, I was listening to the radio and heard that Tina Turner was starting her tour again and that she’d be making an appearence at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Ca. As soon as possible, I called my mother to let her know about it (she ADORES Tina Turner and has seen her live before (along with Prince)). As soon as the words left my mouth, I had to jerk the phone away from my ear because my mother started screaming her head off. Anyway, I managed to let her know what was going on and then promptly forgot about it. Some time later, my mother asked me if I wanted to go to my first indoor concert to see Tina Turner. Naturally, I jumped at the oppurtunity, I mean…come on…it’s Tina Turner. Why was it awesome? Well….cause it’s Tina Turner, as I mentioned above, but most of all, seeing my mom have so much fun and get to see one of her favorite artists on stage again. It was…well, it was just freaking amazing.
    Anyway, Tina Turner brought it like she’d never left it and Mom and I had loads of fun.

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