Words & Music Monday with Debbie Viguié


One of the things that I love about today’s guest is her wide variety of books, even within the urban fantasy/paranormal romance genres. Debbie Viguié has done YA, adult, secular, and Christian offerings, and they all have her signature dark, deep feel. Her books will completely draw you in, and you really FEEL the characters in the story. It’s an “experience” to read her books. I’m so excited she’s sharing some of her musical influences with us today, to help promote the last book in her vampire Kiss Trilogy, KISS OF REVENGE.

Debbie Headshot Hi ResFor me music is an incredibly important part of the writing process. It’s primary function is to set a mood which helps me establish the tone for a book or series. For each book I write I start off by establishing a playlist. Even within a series the playlist can change somewhat from book to book as different characters are introduced or the tone shifts slightly. Some installments in a series, for example, are darker than others and require music that is slightly darker in nature.

The funniest part is that each playlist is completely eclectic and seems completely random to those who don’t know what I’m going for. Gregorian chants mix with heavy metal and 80s Pop. The songs selected, though, all make me feel a certain way and that feeling is what I’m trying to capture. Sometimes it’s about the sound and sometimes it’s about the lyrics.

Once I’ve grabbed songs for my playlist I then work to put them in the proper order so the transition from song to song is as smooth and non-jarring as possible. That can be quite a challenge given the range of music. I know I’ve succeeded when I can hit play on the first song and then I can write along completely oblivious to the fact that music is playing until the playlist suddenly ends an hour or two later. That’s a great playlist!

Kiss of Revenge, the final book in my Kiss trilogy, is coming out later this month. Here’s a look at just a few of Kiss-of-Revenge-Coverthe songs that graced the playlist for that book as I was writing it:

If you’d like a chance to win an ebook copy of the first or second book in this series, KISS OF DEATH or KISS OF LIFE , please leave a comment below about something in this post. Did you like one of the songs, have you read any of Debbie’s other books? Please comment, and let me know which book, and it what format, you’d like. Contest will close at midnight pacific, Sunday, October 13th. Winner will be posted below, and notified by email on the 14th.

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  1. Comment by bn100:

    like the Jars of Clay song; haven’t read any of her books yet
    I’d like to read kiss of death- kindle

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