I WONDER… Wednesday – #1 – What Fictional Town Would You Move To?


Hello, my lovies 🙂 And welcome to a new mid-week feature, called “I Wonder…”. Basically, this is my chance to chat with you all about something I’ve been pondering. Every week’s topic will be book/publishing/author related in some way. I’m looking for feedback on these posts… so I’d love to hear your thoughts. (It’s lonely over here in my little corner of cyberspace!!)

To start us off…

I noticed an article in the most recent Where To Retire magazine. (I work in a bookstore, I notice what’s on the magazine rack. No one try to sell me a timeshare or dentures, lol!!) Their cover article is “8 Novel Places To Retire”. Now, THAT’S an interesting idea! The article was primarily focused on places with literary history, or with active writing communities, but it got me thinking about places I’ve read about in books. Some places I would NOT. EVER. WANT. TO. GO. But there are some that seem like pretty cool spots to settle in.

I narrowed my choices down to two. I’d either shack up with Cory, Bracken, Green, and the crew at Green’s Hill in northern California (from Amy Lane’s Little Goddess series), or I’d be neighbors with Claire Waverly and her family of friends in Bascom, North Carolina (from Sarah Addison Allen’s GARDEN SPELLS). There are a LOT of places I’d like to visit from various stories. But many of them have entirely too much action and danger for me to stay long. (Not that the ass-kicking men and women who occupy those places can’t HANDLE it, I’d just like to steer clear.) Both of my choices are places filled with magic, and friendship, and crazy cool people.

So… now it’s your turn. If you could pack up your stuff and settle down in a storybook town, where would YOU go??


  1. Comment by Jennifer:

    It’s funny that you mention Key West… the original article lists it as one of its 8 choices, because of Ernest Hemmingway. What story are you thinking of for it?

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