I WONDER… Wednesday – #2 – First Lines


Hello, my lovies 🙂 And welcome to a new mid-week feature, called “I Wonder…”. Basically, this is my chance to chat with you all about something I’ve been pondering. Every week’s topic will be book/publishing/author related in some way. I’m looking for feedback on these posts… so I’d love to hear your thoughts. (It’s lonely over here in my little corner of cyberspace!!)

So… today I’m wondering about first lines/paragraphs. A LOT of people make the choice to finish a book by the end of the first chapter, so a strong start is absolutely necessary to grabbing a dedicated reader. I’ve read some pretty interesting first chapters, but there’s something really impressive about a story that can get your attention in the first sentence or two. The first one that comes to mind, for me, without even going to any of the books on my shelf, is Diana Rowland‘s opening paragraph in the first Kara Gillian book, MARK OF THE DEMON. (Now I have to go get my book, lol… )

Mark of the Demon_Rowland1I could hear the intruder breaking into my house.

Unfortunately, it was in the same instant that the demon appeared before me.

The sound of shattering glass upstairs disrupted my focus for only a fraction of a second, but it was enough for the arcane portal to shift from my control and leap away from me like an untethered water hose. I made a frantic grasp at the portal, cold sweat breaking out under my arms as I struggled to wrench the power back into place. My heart slammed in my chest as I fought the uncontrolled energy, seizing each strand to bind and anchor it. My technique was raw and inelegant, but I didn’t give a crap. I was only interested in surviving, not in how pretty it looked.

How can you NOT get sucked in by that???? I love that series, so much, and it started with those first lines, and has kept me on the edge of my seat ever since.

I’m wondering if you all are as effected by an opening as I am? Do you look for that shot out of the gate, or are you ok with letting the story build gradually? I like a story to build, but I’ve found that those first few paragraphs really set the tone for me.

What are some of your favorite opening lines/paragraphs?? Something that sticks out in your memory as a WOW! beginning.


  1. Comment by twimom227:

    Interesting topic. I have to say I don’t really recall the opening of a book by the time I’ve finished a book. I know there have been times I’ve loved openings, but I can’t specifically recall once the book is gone. Bad mom brain!

  2. Comment by Jennifer:

    For some reason, the openings stick with me. If there’s a really POPPING first line/scene, it’s something I’ll remember for a while. I love when a book’s opening line is something I want to quote to people… it tickles me. 🙂

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