I WONDER… Wednesday – #3 – Cover Treatment: Title vs Author


Hello, my lovies 🙂 And welcome to a new mid-week feature, called “I Wonder…”. Basically, this is my chance to chat with you all about something I’ve been pondering. Every week’s topic will be book/publishing/author related in some way. I’m looking for feedback on these posts… so I’d love to hear your thoughts. (It’s lonely over here in my little corner of cyberspace!!)

As some of you know, I work in a bookstore (Books-A-Million), so I see book covers ALL DAY LONG 🙂 It’s a job I absolutely LOVE, even on the days I want to yank my hair out, lol!!! One thing that seems to creep up more and more, I’m noticing, is an author’s name being larger than the title of the book. That just seems odd to me. I’m sure there’s probably a reason for it, and any of you who have done more cover design than I have can probably shed some light on the subject. But it seems to me, the title should be the main focus. Am I wrong? Am I the only one who’s noticed this trend? Does anyone else care, lol???

SixYears OnceBurned SafeHaven Lothaire GoneGirl LethalRider DaddysGoneAHunting AlwaysOnMyMind

***BIG IMPORTANT NOTE*** I’m not saying I don’t LIKE these covers, or these authors, or these books. I just always considered the title the main idea on the cover, and that seems to be changing. I’m just curious what you guys think. 🙂 Also… I notice it doesn’t happen nearly as much in kids fiction or in YA/teen fiction. Hmmmmmm….


  1. Comment by Carol M.:

    I’ve heard in the past that it has to do with sales numbers, as does the author’s name appearing first on the cover.

  2. Comment by Jennifer:

    So is it a reflection of good sales in the past, or is it done to attract more sales for THAT book?? I get that an author is a draw… they have a following and that name recognition is important, but in my opinion the title should give the book it’s identifying mark, not the author. I suppose you’d want to bring attention to a “big name”… but I would think that would lump all the books into one big group (under one author’s name umbrella) instead of having each book stand out. Obviously, I don’t have the marketing info straight, lol!! Thanks for your thoughts, Carol!!

  3. Comment by Carol M.:

    It’s a reflection of the author’s past sales. I imagine that the argument could be that the author is actually the main draw in most cases, rather than the title itself.

  4. Comment by twimom227:

    I think the authors’ names are now the selling point of a book. People in general refer to books “by (insert author name)” and not the titles. Heck, I don’t remember half the titles of books I read, but I’ll remember author and the series. It’s just like knowing the actors that are in a movie rather than the name or even the plot. It’s what sells!

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