Review: CONJURE (Hoodoo Apprentice, #1) by Lea Nolan

CONJURE-by-Lea-NolanAuthor: Lea Nolan
Release Date: October 23, 2012
Pages: 314
ISBN #: 9781620610985
FTC Disclaimer: Book was provided by the publisher for the purpose of an honest review.

Lea Nolan’s Conjure introduces the reader to Emma Guthrie, a smart, sassy and lovable 14 year old. She and her fraternal twin Jack spend every summer in the South Carolina Lowcountry with their father. Through these idyllic, lazy summer days, Jack and Emma spend most of their time sailing with their best friend, Cooper Beaumont. Little do they know, their summer is about to take a turn for the supernatural.

They discover a bottle with a message inside that leads the trio on a search for hidden treasure. Along the way they meet Maggie, a mysterious girl who is more than what she seems. She encourages Jack’s obsessive search for the treasure, which ultimately leads to serious consequences. He unknowingly releases an ancient curse, performed by a powerful HooDoo root worker as an act of revenge against the family who sold her daughter and the pirates who bought her, that little by little takes over his body and slowly kills him.   Knowing she has made a grave mistake, Maggie sends them to Miss Delia, a Hoodoo root worker. With Emma’s begging and willing spirit she agrees to take her on as a Hoodoo Apprentice in an effort to save Jack. Remember Cooper? Well, he isn’t free and clear either. Its a race against the clock as Emma hones her skills desperately trying to save both her brother and the boy she secretly loves.

Let me start by saying that this story is absolutely AMAZING! Each character seems to come to life right before the readers eyes! The story itself flows nicely from scene to scene and chapter to chapter. I never once felt  like I had been ripped out of the story. Emma is a strong, beautiful main character and I enjoyed getting to see her change from a shy, artistic girl into a confident young woman whose love is so powerful that she is willing to do anything to keep those she cares about safe. She is definitely on the same level with Katniss Everdeen or Hermione Granger. Also, its a bonus that the setting is South Carolina (which is where I am from!). This book is a definite “must read”!


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    Great review for a great book!

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