I WONDER… Wednesday – Convention Questions :-)


Hello, my lovies 🙂 And welcome to a mid-week feature, called “I Wonder…”. Basically, this is my chance to chat with you all about something I’ve been pondering. Every week’s topic will be book/publishing/author related in some way. I’m looking for feedback on these posts… so I’d love to hear your thoughts. (It’s lonely over here in my little corner of cyberspace!!)

I’ve not posted anything on this blog since January 1st. I’m sad about that, but I have a good reason. I’m planning a convention!!! Just in case there are any of you reading this that didn’t know that… Coastal Magic Convention is my party baby, and the time is drawing near!!! *runs around with flaily arms*

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So… this year’s event is pretty set, as far as activities and such, but I’m curious. What is YOUR favorite part of an author-reader-centric event? The signing? The swag? The panels? The other readers? Offsite activities? Location?

What makes an event a MUST DO for you? Maybe some of your suggestions will end up at Coastal Magic in 2015!! 🙂

Hope to see some of you there!!! (The signing is FREE and open to the public! Check out the website link above for the full author list.)


  1. Comment by Monique Dann:

    I like the ability to meet authors and ask questions, and get to know them. Plus the panels where other people who aren’t star stuck ask intelligent questions (that I kick myself for not thinking of) which lead you to a deeper understanding of how authors think. The swag isn’t necessary. The signing is cool, but the real fun is listening to authors.

  2. Comment by coastalmagic:

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    I posted this today on my book blog… I’m curious what the followers here have to say about it… check it out 🙂 I wanna know what YOUR favorite part of a convention is 🙂

  3. Comment by Lisa Guertin:

    I love being able to meet my favorite authors and it’s even better if I can sit down and chat with them for awhile without feeling guilty that other people are waiting for their chance. Of course, the chance to collect all that great swag is great too! I’m looking forward to the author breakfasts that I’ve signed up for at Coastal Magic this year. I can hardly wait and I’m bring a convention newbie with me this year!

  4. Comment by Jen Twimom:

    I like relaxed settings when I can chat with other readers, bloggers and authors about everything. Whether it’s over drinks or food, or just chilling in the lounge of the hotel, those are my favorite times. Of course, not all authors feel comfortable in this setting. So I also like well-balance panels that have interesting topics (and the authors generally stay on the topic). They seem to work best when one of the authors is put in charge to keep things moving along.

    I hope to visit your event someday!!

  5. Comment by Danielle:

    My favorite part of a convention is socializing with all the readers and authors preferably with a bar near by. I also like the signing a lot. And who doesn’t love a welcome bag. 🙂

  6. Comment by Elin Gregory:

    I write books with LGBT protagonists so the very best thing about the UK Meet – the closest thing we can get to a convention in the UK – is that I can spend a whole weekend talking about the books I love and the craft of writing them without having to explain or apologise for what I write. That’s just glorious.

  7. Comment by Jennifer:

    That’s one of my favorite parts, as well. Having all that time dedicated to conversation and celebration of the story. NO MATTER WHAT THE STORY IS!! <3

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