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amberbelldene2Talking about sex makes me happy.
by Amber Belldene
Whether it’s with clergy colleagues, members of the church where I serve, friends, readers or fellow writers–a frank discussion about human sexuality delights me. Ever since I began writing romance, people have confided in me about their woes, hang-ups, and pleasures.  They’ve talked through problems, shared epiphanies, and I’ve had many belly laughs over the glorious, weird, icky wonder that is sex.
To me, whether it’s in my capacity as a priest or as a writer, I consider it a great privilege to hear stories and to tell them.  Our sexuality is one of the deepest, most intimate parts of ourselves, and so stories which touch that place leave us vulnerable, and open to transformation. And that makes me happy.
Amber Belldene

Mystically Sexy Romance…Because Desire is Divine
So, my lovelies… let’s have it… WITHOUT DETAILS THAT WOULD MAKE THIS POST NSFW… share the best sex scene you’ve read in a UF/PNR book. Title/Author/Couple/BRIEF description of scene. Let’s have fun with this, but not get too graphic for those who are peeking at while at work. One commenter will win all three books in Amber’s BLOOD VINE SERIES!!!

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  1. Comment by Amber Belldene:

    OOOH! I love this question. I’ll start. I’m a sucker for J.R. Ward’s Vishous and there is a scene where he’s got Doc Jane bent over a sink that I “think” about often.

  2. Comment by Jennifer:

    ooohhhh… I LOVE the BDB… and Vishous and Jane ARE hot… HOWEVER… as a Rhage girl… the scene in Lover Eternal with Rhage and Mary and the CHAINS!!! Holy Dragon Lovin, Batman!!! *fans self*

  3. Comment by Trina.ADR:

    Geez I love all the BDB sex too but I’m a Wrath girl LOL. I also love Vane and Bride from Sherilynn Kenyon’s Night Play. The scene where he takes Bride in the back of her boutique shop in one of the clothes changing booths is so hot!

  4. Comment by jovialvampyre:

    I love Larissa Ione’s Wraith and the scene where he and Serena meet in the hall outside her room of the hotel 🙂 Damn! And with no skin on skin either ;).

  5. Comment by Amber Belldene:

    I always like to hear when people like the other brothers. I get a little possessive about Vishous!

  6. Comment by Amber Belldene:

    Oh yes! Those books are so good. I like the first sex scene in Sin Undone too!

  7. Comment by Stephanie Fredrick:

    One of my favorites and most memorable was from Stacia Kane’s City of Ghosts. Terrible is ticked off at Chess and ignoring her, they’re in dirty storm tunnels investigating when Chess tells Terrible to hit her but instead he angrily kisses her which leads to epic angry sex.

  8. Comment by Jennifer:

    I still haven’t read that series… it’s on my list… promise!!

  9. Comment by Jennifer:

    You’ll have to “discuss” your possessiveness of V with my sister… just as long as I get Rhage 🙂

  10. Comment by Jennifer:

    I haven’t read that… but dressing room smexy times?? sounds good to me, lol!!

  11. Comment by Trina.ADR:

    Dressing room! I was trying to think of that instead of clothes changing booth, dressing room much sexier!! 🙂 LOL

  12. Comment by Mary Preston:

    My mind has gone blank. I can’t think of one. Taking notes though.

  13. Comment by donnas1:

    Bones, Cat and Chapter 32.

  14. Comment by Jennifer:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE, oh, by the way… LOVE!!!!

  15. Comment by Bridgett:

    Since the BDB seems covered, I’ll go with Too Much Temptation by Lori Foster. Noah and Grace on the kitchen table. Wowzers.

  16. Comment by bn100:

    the pool with Tohrment and No’One from the BDB series

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  17. Comment by Texas Book Lover:

    I’ll go with the famous Chapter 32 in Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series.

  18. Comment by Amber Belldene:

    LOL–chapter 32 it is! So DonnaS & at Texas Book lover–is that the scene with the fangs in delicate places?

    And congrats to Donna for winning an e copy of the Blood Vine Series!

  19. Comment by Jennifer:

    I have SO MUCH JOY every time someone references that scene. Probably one of the most re-read scenes in my library, lol 🙂

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