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27_IMG_8787My Happy Thing
by Amy Lane

Okay—so I’m sitting here, trying to blog, and my phone makes that noise.  Oh, sure, it says, “Silver” under settings, but we all know what it sounds like.  It’s the opening notes to Law & Order, except up a couple of octaves.  So, you know, instead of “BONK-BONK” it goes “plink-plink!”  all happy and optimistic like.

Oh damn.

I have to text somebody.

Now it could be my daughter, it could be my bestest, and it could be another close friend—but there is no denying it, that “plink-plink” has just indicated that I have to talk to somebody.


And on the one hand, there goes a perfectly good writing streak—I was just going and going and going—but on the other?  My legs are cramped, my ankles are swollen, and I need to drink water instead of just reaching for my empty cup and thinking, “Oh drat!”

I stand up and wander around, shaking blood to places my body had forgotten and answer the text.

And suddenly the quiet in my house (Pandora notwithstanding) is broken.  I have a beloved daughter or a good friend in my head, telling me happy things.

So this blog is about happy things.

Now, when I first started writing, I wasn’t so much of a technophobe as I was a technoprude.  “Oh, that piece of technology is very exciting and very sexy, and it does seem to arouse my husband, but really, it’s for those people who get into that sort of thing.  Not really for me.”  (Imagine puckered upper lip and disdain.  Not for me.  Noooo.  Technologically chaste.)

Now, my Mate, who was aroused by all that bright shiny technology was the one who said, “I think you need a word processor that is just yours.  Just yours.  For you to write on.”  So really, that was the first body part of the technological monster that we have spawned since.  We can blame Mate. A little.

Because the laptop became my friend, right up until my youngest (then eighteen months old) watered it and sat on it to help it grow, but the next laptop, an Apple, was my baby, until the battery went dead and it wouldn’t recharge.  This laptop is my 3rd (and we just got a convertible tablet for business trips) and no, I am not just using them for my writing anymore, am I?

I’m not using flip phone with the LED readout anymore either.

No, that was another body part in the monster.  Mate brought me to the store and made me pick out a new phone.  A smart phone.  In fact, a phone that was way way smarter than mine—and that was just version 1.0.  (We just got version 3.0.  I wubs it.  It is a happy thing all in its own.)

So here I am, surrounded by technology that is way smarter than I am, and I have just realized why I wubs it all so very much.

It all comes down to the plink-plink. It’s all my people on the other end of that glowing box—my readers, my co-workers, and my friends.  I love them all, and the glowing boxes put them right in my crappy kitchen, without the fears of tetanus or salmonella.  (I’m kidding… no diseases can be traced back to my kitchen.  But we don’t eat in here either.)  The people who get me—and the people I’m dying to talk to—can hit me up with a plink-plink, and there I am!  With my daughter, whom I miss, or my bestest, who lives across the country, or even my husband, who is bored at work and wishing he was here, in our house, to talk.

So there are a lot of negatives to technology—and boy is it fun to exploit those in our craft!  There are a lot of potential dehumanizing things, and explosive arguments and difficulties in recycling and a zillion problems for all of the solutions that technology engenders.

But right now, there’s my youngest daughter, Squish, sitting on the couch and having a text conversation with her older sister whom she misses dearly.  Her older sister has seen her grow up over the past two years in every texted photo, and the fact that they love each other is in every tapped letter.  What Squish sees as a passport to adulthood in the magic glowing box, I see as a way to keep her childhood, both in pictures and in being her mom forever and ever and ever.

Our family echoes through the quiet house with every plink-plink.


So… what kind of “plink-plink” makes your heart go “pitter-patter”? What technological wonder is your link to the outside world? Or are you a “get out there and go” kinda person, who is just as happy without the “plink-plinks”? Comment below and one person will win an ebook of Amy’s lighthearted m/m romance,  SHINY!

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  1. Comment by trish2144:

    The plink-plink that I would LOVE to hear is the sound of my husband’s oxygen machine. It would mean that he was still here. (Sorry about the gloom, but it’s how I feel.)

  2. Comment by Aniko:

    My iPad has connected me to the world. Literally (at least, some people in it who live all over the world). So I guess my plink-plink would be the Facebook notifications my iPad gives that tell me one of those worldwide friends is having a conversation I’m welcome to join, if I haven’t already.

  3. Comment by amy lane:

    I’m sorry, Trish. But yeah– those connections are the ones we love the most.

  4. Comment by teronangel:

    That connection is such a big deal for us– I know how that feels!

  5. Comment by Anastacia:

    Mine would be the facebook notification that says someone wants my attention. I don’t have many friends outside of the internet. But some of the closest friends I’ve ever had is on the other side of that facebook ding.
    I’m glad you’re giving us a chance to win Shiny. I really would love to read it.

  6. Comment by marcthf:

    Amy, thank you for the chance to win <3 I have to say Facebook notifications as well. It's the way I can connect to friends around the world, but also how I organize RL meets with my local friends. If I want to do stuff, I can just logon (Who am I kidding, I'm always logged on) and see who else is online <3 Otherwise I have many super nice international friends I can chat with 🙂


  7. Comment by Iyana Jenna:

    I’m quite okay with my netbook. Yeah, poor me. 😀

  8. Comment by vicki:

    My plink plink is my smartphone. It allows me to keep in touch with my kids while they are with their dads. It also enables me to keep in touch with my fb friends. 🙂

  9. Comment by Mary Preston:

    Mine is more about the gadgets around the home that ‘talk’ to me. My washing machine plays music when it’s done (it’s so happy), my microwave beeps like crazy to get my attention (thinks it clever), my oven sends me morse code messages with the flashing red light….You get the picture. I’d be freaked out except I literally have the power.

  10. Comment by Karen Gordon:

    I have 2 facebook accounts…one for all my book friends where there is always something going on with the 100s of blogs and authors I follow and i smile when i sign on and see all the commotion….now the other facebook account is my family and friends…i don’t post alot there and there aren’t 100s of friends on that account, so when i sign in and see an notification i get very excited because i know someone i love was thinking about me (even if they are just sending me one of those annoying game requests) 🙂 I have gotten a couple recommendations from friends to read Shiny…its on my TBR list I just haven’t gotten around to getting it yet…Thanks for the chance 🙂

  11. Comment by Alex Whitehall:

    My plink plink would be silence, mostly because my friend and I text constantly during work, so my phone is on silent. So I guess mine takes the form of a glowing screen 🙂 I see all my friends once a week, like clockwork, but otherwise I live alone, so having that constant chatter with her is a nice reminder of our connection.

  12. Comment by Denise:

    Mine is my phone. I resisted getting a smart phone for years, but now I don’t know what I’d do without it. And my plink plink is any message notification because I know someone I care about is on the other end.

  13. Comment by jenf27:

    I love the plink from my email when I’ve won an ebook (maybe I will get one for Shiny). Ha! I also love IMing with friends since many of mine are all over the place.

    jen.f {at} mac {dot} com

  14. Comment by Kristen T:

    My Kindle fire is the one peice of technology that I always check to make sure I have with me…even more than my cell phone. My kindle holds my favorite books so they are never far from my fingertips and imagination (and it also saves my back from the weight of multiple books!)

  15. Comment by teronangel:

    I wrote a little while ago about finding your tribe. I think one of the best things that the internet has done for us is make our tribes THERE. There are people who love what we love, and that plink plink means we are not alone.

  16. Comment by teronangel:

    Another tribe member! And it’s funny how often internet friends TURN INTO RL friends– that’s magical too.

  17. Comment by teronangel:

    See– the kids thing is invaluable, right?

  18. Comment by teronangel:

    I love that! The talking– so friendly!

  19. Comment by teronangel:

    You’re welcome for the chance–and yeah… I don’t play the games either!

  20. Comment by teronangel:

    It really is. It’s like a subtle hum of “I love you!”

  21. Comment by teronangel:

    I SO thought I didn’t need one! But yes– it’s lovely now!

  22. Comment by teronangel:

    LOL– yeah– between IM And text, it’s like OMG– I HAVE friends!

  23. Comment by teronangel:

    Mine too! And magazines– totally saves me from knitting magazine clutter!

  24. Comment by Jennifer:

    Yeah… it’s a fantastic process… and one that I’m SO, SO lucky to have been able to take advantage of!! *hugs Amy* 🙂

  25. Comment by Jennifer:

    That’s really cool!!!! Mine all just sit there, lol… a few make beeps or buzzes… but nothing as fun as songs or Morse code, lol!!

  26. Comment by teronangel:

    *plays violin*

  27. Comment by teronangel:

    My appliances DID talk to me before they were taken over by the soul of suburban rot. I think they were swearing. I tuned it out.

  28. Comment by Heather:

    Mine is a bird chirp (that is my text sound). 🙂

  29. Comment by teronangel:

    *cheep cheep*

  30. Comment by Bridgett:

    Mine is my smartphone. I’m able to keep track of my kiddos, find information online quickly, and call for help if necessary all in one little gadget.

  31. Comment by bn100:

    the computer

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  32. Comment by Texas Book Lover:

    I am very attached to my iPhone and my kindle. My kindle is just for reading but it keeps me sane and I honestly don’t know if I would survive without it anymore. If my phone broke I would just log on the computer or borrow another family members. But my kindle, it’s like another body part.

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