“HAPPY” Blogiversary Celebration with Angie Fox


angie-fox-author-photo - smallDogs On Motorcycles Make Me Happy

by Angie Fox

Those of you familiar with Angie’s Accidental Demon Slayer series will not be at ALL surprised by this… but what MAY surprise you, is that there IS a REAL group of motorcycle riding, dog carrying, witches! Angie met them while writing the series!!! Talk about an instance of art imitating life is the best, strangest way.

Harley dog 44 Harley dog 39 Harley dog 38 Harley boy biker dog

DangerousBookofDemonSo… to win a copy of Angie’s The Dangerous Book For Demon Slayers… tell me in the comments about any time YOU’VE seen something in your real world that reminded you of something in a UF/PNR book you read. How about reading a book, and coming across a scene that reminds you of something that happened already in your life? What scene would you “LIKE” to have happen in your real life (keep it SFW, please, lol!)?

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  1. Comment by jovialvampyre:

    Honestly my life is so boring that there isn’t anything that will work for either scenario. The best I can come up with is the standard where the hero has no clue what his female is saying. That is true for me on a daily basis :).

  2. Comment by Mary Preston:

    There are days where I wish something extraordinary would happen. I’ll just keep on wishing I think. Maybe one day.

  3. Comment by Bridgett:

    Nothing really, although I have seen a dog riding on a motorcycle sitting right behind the windshield. I was a nervous wreck that something would happen to it.

  4. Comment by Joanna Moreno:

    I keep seeing pictures of guys with tattoos doing construction work and wondering if they are Shifters lol. That’s because I’ve read that the stories of Shifters Unbound by Jennifer Ashley came about when she saw a group of men at work and that gave her the idea … Other than that, nothing 🙁

  5. Comment by bn100:

    nothing that I’ve read

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  6. Comment by Texas Book Lover:

    Hmm. I can’t think of a thing. But then again I barely get out of my house so no where for me to see anything.

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