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kerryschaferCoffee Makes Me Happy
by Kerry Schafer

There are an abundance of things that make me happy, among them warm fires, trees, books, writing, my Viking, my cat, my dog – it’s so hard to pick just one.

If I must, then I choose coffee.

Coffee is the very first thing I look forward to in the morning. Truth is, without my morning coffee I’m probably not feeling the love for all of those other wonderful things.

We’re not talking just any old coffee, though. No Folgers here, and I’m not interested in a Keurig no matter what you tell me about the convenience. Not even an electric coffee pot for me, thank you. No, the making of the coffee is a ritual, and just as important as the coffee itself. The rattle of the grinder, the rich aroma of freshly ground beans, the taste of that first scalding mouthful and the way it wakes up my brain.

Now I’ve gone and given myself a craving. It’s almost bedtime as I write this and I must try to resist the temptation. Tomorrow morning, I tell myself. Tomorrow morning it will be my motivation to climb out of a warm bed into a cold house. And, as always, that first cup will drive away the cold and tired and make me happy.coffeepot

We’ll start with the old blue kettle, heated on the stove. I know an electric kettle would be faster, but I swear to you it tastes better this way. One cool thing is that when this kettle boils it whistles, sort of like a train. It’s a cheerful happy noise, and it means coffee is just moments away.

While we’re waiting for the water to boil we grind the beans. The grinder is as old as the kettle, and the lever has broken off, but it can be pressed back on long enough to spin the blades and grind the beans. Smell that? That, my friend, is the aroma of fresh ground, high quality, organic, fresh roasted Crandall’s Dawn Blend coffee.

Next step, measuring. I have a favorite spoon for this, although I will substitute another at need. But this is the spoon that makes me happiest – I love the shape of it, it’s perfect weight, and the way it feels in my hand. Three heaping spoonfuls go into the filter to make the perfect brew in my favorite stoneware mug.

When the kettle boils it’s time to pour water slowly through the grounds until the cup is full. Add the perfect splash of half and half and it’s ready to make my day.

wakeworldsmall.jpegWhat about you? I’ll give away a copy of  Wakeworld and a bag of my favorite coffee beans to one commenter below… Do you have a ritual for your coffee or tea? Or maybe a favorite mug?


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  1. Comment by donnas1:

    I do not have one. Mainly though it mights be because I drink diet coke in the mornings. Rarely coffee or tea.

  2. Comment by jovialvampyre:

    Yes, I have a favorite mug and I make my coffee in such a methodical way it drives my husband nuts. See I like to make my coffee into a spicy mocha and I mix it very slowly and sip off the top as I do so. It takes me about 4 to 5 minutes before I can sit down and drink :). It’s worth it.

  3. Comment by Jennifer:

    I’m a Dr. Pepper girl, myself, lol 🙂

  4. Comment by Breana M.:

    My favorite mug is my black one that says Bah Humbug!

  5. Comment by Stephanie Fredrick:

    I have a favorite mug, it’s one of those huge ones like on Friends. It’s like 4 cups in one and I unfortunately drink way to many cups of it a day, lol. I’m also weird cause I drink very sweet coffee, lots of sugar and sweet cream creamer. I get a caffeine high and sugar rush in one. 🙂

  6. Comment by Bridgett:

    I have no ritual as I don’t drink coffee or tea. Hot chocolate is as close as I get. lol

  7. Comment by Joanna Moreno:

    I drink coffee morning and night. It’s at night that my mom and I have this ritual. Neither one of us have trouble sleeping when drinking coffee so by the end of the day, we sit down and watch tv while drinking coffee. It’s the fact that I’m the only unmarried child left in the house that makes this our little ritual . Our little “us” time 😉

  8. Comment by Mary Preston:

    I have a favorite mug for my coffee & a favorite mug for my tea. I couldn’t possibly switch them around.

  9. Comment by bn100:

    no ritual

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  10. Comment by Texas Book Lover:

    I’m not a coffee drinker but I live in a house with them. And they all like different types and have different routines.

  11. Comment by Lea Krnjeta:

    I always rink coffee when I wake up, it is called machiato here, it means black coffee, with a little bit of cold milk. An in the evenings I usually drink tea, wild cherry or mint are my favorites. An I only use one mug, a frien bought it for me in Amsterdam.

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