“HAPPY” Blogiversary Celebration with Laura Anne Gilman


First, congratulations to the Amazing Jennifer, and Books Make Me Happy, for not only surviving four years, but thriving!

So, what makes me happy?
by Laura Anne Gilman

I’ll let you in on a little secret: a lot of things make me happy.  Good food, time with friends, sunrise on a quiet morning, a new book to write (or read)….In fact, I’m kind of the opposite of Bruce Banner: I’m always happy.

Okay, maybe not always (as we hear my friends snickering in the background).  But even on the days that aren’t good, even when I’m cranky, crabby, or otherwise 100% done with the world, even when things suck beyond all belief, even when you’re in pain, or in sorrow, I’m aware that happiness isn’t entirely gone.  It’s just waiting for you to touch it again.

Sometimes, literally.


Ladies and gents: Boomerang, the Cat of Size, and his little brother Castiel Kitten of Thursday (aka Menace to Society).  Because when I get down, they know.  And they wander over to my desk, or jump on the sofa, or thump themselves next to me on the bed, and do their damndest to make me pay attention to something other than what’s stressing me out. Petting is required, and rewarded with purrs. And even through we joke that “damn it, Cas” is the most commonly heard phrase in this household, it’s almost inevitably followed by laughter (Almost inevitably.  Kittens: cute for survival purposes).

Sylvan Investigations_PrintEdition_FINAL_03

So, for a chance to win a copy of my UF/PI novellas MILES TO GO/PROMISES TO KEEP (Sylvan Investigations 1 & 2), tell us about an animal – your pet, someone else’s pet, a random encounter in the wild – that shook you out of your funk, and made you feel better….

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  1. Comment by Bridgett:

    My cat is quite lazy and spoiled. We call her the queen of the manor because she isn’t doing anything unless she chooses to. She helped me out of my funk a lot while I was working on my Master’s degree. I worked full time and I have 2 kids so I felt stressed with all the homework and papers. She would join me out on the couch while I worked on it and would cuddle up next to me and it really did make me feel better.

  2. Comment by jovialvampyre:

    After 6 years w/o a cat (my baby of 21 yrs was my last cat) I got a kitten 4 months ago. He is the Naughtiest kitten ever. He takes things, eats things, walks on counters and the list goes on. I have never had such a naughty kitty. The worst is he’s so damn cute that when you catch him he just flops onto his side and gives you the “what?” look. I love him to bits :).

  3. Comment by bn100:

    a dog in the park playing frisbee

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

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