Review: HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN (Crescent City, #1) by Kristen Painter

House of the Rising BT

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Painter_HouseRisingSun-TP-2Title: House of the Rising Sun, Crescent City series, Book 1
Author: Kristen Painter
Release Date: May 14, 2014
Pages: 403
ISBN #: 03162820
FTC Disclaimer: Book was received from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review.

I met Kristen Painter at an author’s convention and we really hit it off. Seeing her at various conventions and spending more time with her, I really wanted to read her books to determine if her books were anything like her. I was not disappointed!! Kristen’s personality continues to draw me into conversations with her and I found that this book drew me in from the beginning and carried me through to the end.

Kristen’s book comes with a host of characters with a lot of different personalities. And they were GOOD in the roles they played. I was rooting for the good guys and wanting to knock out the bad guys. I found myself getting so involved in the overall roles of the characters that I felt that I was right there in the book trying to solve the mystery myself. The number of the characters only served to enhance my journey through this book. I found them to be essential to tie together the events of the overall story.

Augustine is the primary male character in book 1 of Painter’s Crescent City series. He is a bad guy turned good and fighting to remain that way. As he struggles to respond to the different events in his life, I found it very easy to see how the events of his past influenced his reactions and help guide him through the events occurring in his present. I found this character to be very believable and very likeable.

Harlow, the primary female character of this book, was a slightly different story. Hiding from her own history, I found her to be rough around the edges in the beginning. Yes, I was leaning towards not liking her initially because she needed some attitude adjustments and an infusion of the “trust” gene. I was drawn to her because I KNEW in my gut at some point she would change my initial reaction to her. She did not disappoint me. After reading the book in its entirety, I found that I would not change her. Her life was a struggle and I got to experience many different emotions as she figured it all out.

Overall, I LOVED this book. I gave it a 5-star rating. It pulled me in from the beginning and kept me awake plenty of nights. I would not have changed a thing. So involved in the mystery of the book, the end arrived before I realized I was close to completing it. And as a final point, although there are sparks that ignite between the two main characters, a romance novel this is not. I believe the romance aspect of this book is something that will begin to develop throughout the remaining books of this series. I am anxiously awaiting the release of book 2.  


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