Words & Music Monday: RT Booklovers Convention Recap & Giveaway!


Hello, my lovelies 🙂

Last week/weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to attend one of the biggest reader/author conventions out there. The RT Booklovers Convention (hosted by RT [Romantic Times] Book Reviews Magazine) was held in New Orleans, and WOW was it a crazy bowl full of awesome!! The parties, the fabulous authors, the great panels, the SWAG!!!! (Check below for a way to win some of it!!) As a reader, it was a fantastic experience. Yes, there were longer-than-pleasant lines, which sometimes led to missing panels/events… that part was less than fun. And by now, most have heard about the booksigning issues. But I can honestly say that the majority of my time was spent hanging out with awesome people, doing fun things, and having a great time. Below are just a few of my favorite pics… click on any of them to go to my FB album to see the rest. 🙂

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So… where’s the music, you ask?? I almost FORGOT THE MUSIC!!!! (I forgot to ask authors while I was AT the convention, but thanks to the magic of the Twitterverse… we have theme songs!!!)

Below is a listing of theme songs for their latest release, from some of the wonderful authors I got to hang with at the convention.

Lea Nolan: HIS BILLION DOLLAR BABYRealize by Colbie Callait

Willow James: ENTHRALLEDSecret by Maroon 5

A R Kahler: THE FINAL ACTFigure 8 by Ellie Goulding

Jess Haines: ENSLAVED BY THE OTHERS Roads by Portishead

Karina Cooper: ENGRAVEDOne More Chance by The Zydepunks

Carrie Ann Ryan: TANGLED INNOCENCE – I See Fire by Ed Sheeran

Mark Henry: BALUSTRADEGooey by Glass Animals

P J Schnyder: SURVIVE TO DAWNAwake and Alive by Skillet

Amy Lane: BLACKBIRD KNITTING IN A BUNNY’S LAIRBlackbird by The Beatles

Amber Belldene: BLOOD REUNITEDI Want To Be Sedated – The Ramones

Aria Kane: LUCKY BREAKStep Away by Corey Gray

 Tigris Eden: BONDED IN SHADOWSSong of the Morning by Sparlha Swa

Lisa Kessler: NIGHT CHILDI Will Love You by Fisher

Delilah S Dawson: SERVANTS OF THE STORMGod’s Children by The Gutter Twins

HOLY AWESOME SONGS, BATMAN!!! I hope each of you clicks through all of those songs (the book titles and the song titles are separate links)… there are some really great choices in there, and they give a fantastic idea about the feel of the books they represent. On that note…


Comment below with which songs listed above made you add it’s book to your TBR list.  You can mention as many as you like, but you’ll only be entered to win once. Contest will run through Saturday night, May 31st. Winner will be contacted on Sunday, June 1st via email. I can’t wait to see which songs/stories you mention!! Good Luck everyone!!!


  1. Comment by BookAttict:

    I Want To Be Sedated – The Ramones – love the song, and the series sounds AMAZING!!

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  2. Comment by mtsnow13:

    Blackbird by the Beatles for Amy Lane’s Knitting series 🙂 I love the fact these men can knit!! *and still be manly men*

    Mtsnowfall @ yahoo.com

  3. Comment by Timitra:

    I Want To Be Sedated, Secret, Awake and Alive and God’s Children

  4. Comment by Lisa Kessler:

    Great songs is right! 🙂

    It was SUPER fun to see you again at RT Jennifer!!! *HUGS* Thanks again for the Maleficent bag! 🙂


  5. Comment by Carol M.:

    Awake and alive by Skillet–I haven’t heard that song in a while and it more closely resembles the music I listen to. 🙂 And the series sounds cool.

  6. Comment by Stephanie Fredrick:

    I See Fire by Ed Sheeran, Awake and Alive by Skillet and God’s Children by The Gutter Twins all grabbed me. I Will Love You and Gooey are perfect for Night Child and Balustrade are perfect.


  7. Comment by babybarracudess:

    Lovelovelove ‘Gods Children’ & ‘I See Fire’…haunting, surreal, & thoughtful. I have always liked Portishead, & Skrillex is always good, BUT, all these uber popular techno newbies need some Chemical Brothers & Crystal Method turned up to drown…With that said, I’ve added ALL of these books to my TBR list, because you are some God-Given talented storytellers…

  8. Comment by jsnow09:

    A lot of singers/groups I’ve never heard of but Maroon 5 sounds good. 🙂

  9. Comment by Lea Krnjeta:

    Roads by Portishead, I heard the song for the first time now and Jess Haines series is a great fit and I am a fan 🙂 Also, thanks for the giveaway 🙂


  10. Comment by Mary Preston:

    Blackbird by The Beatles – BLACKBIRD KNITTING IN A BUNNY’S LAIR – now there is a title & a song to grab the attention.


  11. Comment by dgoodridge84:

    Realize by Colbie Callait… Love that song!

  12. Comment by hypotheticallyiwrite:

    blackbird by the beatles–one of my all-time fav songs! 🙂

  13. Comment by Anita H.:

    RT looks like so much fun, wish I could have gone! But since I didn’t get to go, I’ll just enjoy all the pic and recaps!!! There are some great new songs that I’ve never heard of before. I’m totally adding Lea Nolan’s books to my TBR because I love Colbie Callait’s song Realize. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  14. Comment by Ada:

    What a great bunch of songs! The one that really got to me was Amy Lane’s Blackbirds Knitting In a Bunny’s Lair. When I saw that the theme song was Blackbirds from the Beatles, I couldn’t help but laugh and now I have that line and song stuck in my head!!! LOL
    ahui89 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  15. Comment by bn100:

    LUCKY BREAK – Step Away by Corey Gray

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