I WONDER… Wednesday – Give Me My UF/PNR!!


Hello, my lovies šŸ™‚ And welcome to a mid-week feature, called “I Wonder…”. Basically, this is my chance to chat with you all about something I’ve been pondering. Every week’s topic will be book/publishing/author related in some way. I’m looking for feedback on these posts… so I’d love to hear your thoughts. (It’s lonely over here in my little corner of cyberspace!!)

It’s laaaaate on Wednesday, but it IS still Wednesday… so here goes…

I’ve heard the comment made a few times recently that “urban fantasy and paranormal romance are on their way out” as a genre. I’ve heardĀ this from authors who have started exploring new genres in new work. I’ve heard “publishers aren’t buying new paranormals, unless they’re from an existing franchise”. I’ve heard it in the twitterverse, and more recently, at the RT Booklovers Convention. Some of the books I love, and ones that I WILL love when they’re released, are ALREADY in danger of low print runs, and print on demand only status.


UF/PNRĀ is about 90% of what I read. They’re the staple of my TBR and rec lists. They’re what make me have a happy face. I need my witches and dragons and vamps and weres!! Yes, I do enjoy some contemporary stories. But they’re usually by specific authors, and they’re usually read BETWEEN my paranormals, to help me clear out of one world before I start into another.Ā  And if an author I love write BOTH paranormal AND contemp, well, that’s even better :-). HOWEVER… there is no replacing paranormals as my go-to genre for me.

I can’t be the only one who’s heard this… and I can’t be the only one who’s having palpitations because of it. What could POSSIBLY be causing publishers to veer from the genre?? I KNOW there are readers for the stories out there. I KNOW there are authors who want to share theirĀ magic with us. So what gives?? Is this a publishing cycle thing? Bloggers who review UF/PNR, will you start reviewing other genres, or will you hit the older stuff you may have missed?

I’d LOVE to hear from readers, authors, and industry peeps aboutĀ whether these “UF/PNR is dying” murmers are true… and what the heck someone like me is supposed to do about it if they are. (This is NOT the way I intended to find time to get through my towering TBR pile!! I need NEW STUFF!!)

***One additional note… I run a CONVENTION that focuses ONLY on UF/PNR!!! I can just imagine all of us sittingĀ at theĀ bar of the Hilton in Daytona, crying over our various libations, wondering where all the new storytellers are!***



  1. Comment by Lisa Kessler:

    I think it’s just a cycle… When I first joined RWA everyone was complaining that contemporaries and romantic suspense weren’t being bought… Twilight was huge and everyone wanted paranormal, then the market gets glutted and publishers look someplace else… Enter 50 Shades and BAM erotic contemporary is the place to be… Now that market is getting tougher to stand out in because every publisher is turning out a bunch of hot contemporaries…

    The funny thing is I read 90% paranormal romance and UF and I know we’re not the only ones. The readers are still there but publishing itself gets exhausted on a subject and turns it’s eyes tot eh next big thing… The Hunger Games made futuristic dystopian a thing, now it’s tough to sell those too… It’s a crazy world…

    But for hard core paranormal writers like me, we’ll keep spinning stories… No worries! Even if we have to self-publish, the tales will still be told! šŸ˜€

  2. Comment by Kait Ballenger:

    Sales are at an all time low for paranormal romance right now compared to the last several years, for everybody in the genre. Mainly, only big name authors in the genre are still selling well enough to stay in print. Their sales aren’t as good as they were for the past several years, but still enough for the publishers to want to invest money in them. For a newer author, like myself and many others, the sales just aren’t there–that’s why Harlequin took my series out of print. The market for paranormal is so flooded, that newbies to the genre generally go unnoticed and only the already established names (Kresley Cole, Gena Showalter, JR Ward, etc) are selling well. At the same time this is happening, contemporary and erotica sales are growing, so that’s where publishers are investing all their time and money and attempting to acquire the most authors for, because it’s on the uprise. Eventually, that market will flood and it will cycle to something else, just like it did in paranormal. Paranormal will come back around eventually, as every genre does, but it may take a while.

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