Review: LAY ME DOWN (Reveler, #2) by Erin Kellison

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Lay Me Down MedTitle: Lay Me Down (Reveler #2)
Author: Erin Kellison
Release Date: May 11, 2014
ISBN #: 9780990410706
Pages: 110

I received this ebook for review from the publishers via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way compensated for this review.


Lay Me Down is the second book in the Reveler series and picks up immediately where book one left off. First suggestion, definitely read this series in order. Things learned in the first book carry over to the second. They are like Legos, they build upon each other.

Overall, the book was intense. Plenty of action is experienced throughout the book. The two main characters in this book – Maisie and Steve – are on the run and are trying to correct the mistakes made by Maisie. As time winds down, they are thrown together in this pursuit, and must learn to trust each other in order to survive. This is further complicated because trust must be earned, and therefore not all secrets are immediately revealed. Are you willing to allow someone to enter your dreams if you don’t know everything about them? Read this book to see how they handled it.

Whereas the first book of this series introduces us to the dream sharing concept and touches upon some of the challenges that may result from such a sharing, book two explores some of the hidden secrets and potentials of this world.

Maisie is still the “bratty little sister” who wants her way and wants the world to play by her rules. She is really just like all of us, wanting to carve out her special place in the world to be happy and threat free. Bad decisions were made in pursuit of her dreams, and now she must unravel the consequences. I love the independent strong willed lady that she is. However, even the strong need to sometimes lean on others.

Steve on the other hand finds that while his primary role is to recruit Maisie to come work for the Chimera, sometimes you must create your own path to achieve greater happiness in life. Nothing is ever black and white. He is the perfect compliment to Maisie – strong when she needs to lean, annoying when she needs to refocus, and pleasure waiting for her to explore.

Together, they make a strong couple. I found both characters to be very believable in that we all have secrets. As we get to know each other, our secrets peel back like the layers of an onion, revealing vulnerabilities that the other people have to choose to accept or reject. Will they survive the journey, or will the secrets push them further into the darkness of isolation.

My only complaint is that once again, I was left with too many unanswered questions. I still have questions about some of the events from book one, and those are now compounded by events in this book. I understand that, as a series, there are over-arching concepts, but some things feel frustratingly unfinished. I am finding that, although these books are good, relatively quick reads, I would have preferred a longer book with more answers revealed. With that said, overall I would recommend this book to readers. I found it held my attention even more than the first book. I am glad book three of this series has already been released.

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