Review: CHINKS! by Peter Anderson

chinksTitle: Chinks! (Survivor Series, #2)
Author: Peter Anderson
Release Date: May 24, 2012
ISBN #: 9783838712925
Pages: 56
I received this ebook for review from the publisher via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way compensated for this review.


My first thought when I opened this book on my Kindle was that I didn’t know it was a serial novel. This is the second episode of the book so I already felt I was a bit behind. However, with that being said, I quickly found myself immersed in this strange world of the “Survivor” crew.

Hands down, Ai was the most interesting character of all the crew, which consists of: Ryan Nash, ex Navy Seal and the Commander, Dr. Gabriel Proctor, chief scientist, Jacques D’Abo, a black man from suburbs of Paris who seems to be the muscle, Maria dos Santos, who has healing powers, and Ai Rogers, who is a bit of a mystery and has a power to be invisible. She is mute and as the crew lands on a planet inhabited with Chinese Cyborg creatures, she discovers she can understand them as they are speaking Cantonese. However, she doesn’t talk so she can’t convey the information she hears. Ai just follows her crew to the leader of this alien planet to find out what their fate will be.

All the other characters fell flat for me and that was partly due to every other chapter giving us Ai’s background from her childhood in Hong Kong. The reader is bounced back and forth between the present–the crew on an alien planet inhabited by “Chinks” (a derogatory term for the Chinese)–and the past–Ai’s 10 year old self and the horrible life as a child laborer in Hong Kong. I felt that the chapters about Ai were very detailed, very vivid and extremely well-written. I found myself wanting to read more about her life during that time. The chapters that were written about the present were quite the opposite; a bit boring and I felt I was being told rather than shown the story. There is a battle between the Survivor Crew and the cyborgs which is very vivid, but other than that, it’s almost as if two different people wrote this book.

In sum, I would recommend it if you enjoy character development stories, Sci Fi with Cyborgs and alien warfare, but you may want to search and start with the first “episode”.


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