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Today’s music post has to be one of my favorites that we’ve done, because it features a band that I LOVE!!!! (I’m actually going to be posting a special edition Words & Music Monday with this band very soon!!)

Tawnya Brock’s inspiration for her story, FATAL, comes from 30 Seconds to Mars… and I completely understand!!


Author Pic TA BrockAnyone who knows me, knows my love affair with music is legendary. Music and I, we have the sort of relationship that would put Beyonce and Jay-Z to shame. It started in fourth grade with a recorder. I learned to play Mary Had A Little Lamb on that plastic, hole-riddled tube, and basically just assumed the next step was being a rock star. I was a band geek, choir nerd, and frequent music video watcher.

In seventh grade, I taught myself how to play piano and that’s how I decided, when I grew up, I was going to have a job that somehow involved music. I didn’t know how or in what capacity, and it didn’t matter. As long as music was there somewhere. I mean, even if I worked in an office and my stationary had music notes on it, that would count. But just to solidify my chances, I majored in music in college. After graduation, I had a wonderful job as a choir director for about a year, and my love for music grew to hyper-obsessive-fan status. It would be like, if music was One Direction and I was a teenage girl.

Now, fast forward to when I started getting serious about writing. It really all started from listening to a song. I’m a lyrics person, and I have a habit (which drives my family insane) of putting songs I love on repeat… for a gazillion years. One day, on the 587th time through a song, I thought, this would make a flippin’ good book. And that’s how my relationship with music led me to writing.

As you can imagine, listening to music while I write is crucial. One of my all-time favorite bands to jam to while writing is 30 Seconds To Mars. I could wax poetic about Jared Leto’s lilting gravel-on-ice voice but I’ll spare you. Instead, I’m going to list a few of my favorite 30StM songs, which helped me write FATAL.

Vox Populi– I love the title of this song. It means “the voice of the people”. My zombies are under the tyrannical thumb of a group called Oracles, Fatal_FRONT coverso this song about an uprising helped me to get into that mindset.

Kings and Queens– This song has been on like, a hundred and fifty movie soundtracks (most recently, How to Train Your Dragon II), because it’s so awesome. It’s probably the most over-played 30StM song, but I don’t care. Every time I hear it, I rock out like a maniac.

Night of the Hunter– My hero, Grayson, is in a bad place because he’s angry about being turned into a zombie. This song helped me tap into those emotions.

100 Suns / Hurricane– In FATAL, Grayson tells Cori, he “believes in nothing”. These two songs go on repeat anytime I’m writing a scene like that, fraught with internal struggle.

I realize now, all these songs are from the This Is War album. It’s my favorite, but honestly, ALL of their music is good. Especially if you need to tap into your writing feels!

Thanks for having me today!

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