Sunshine State Stories Blog Hop Excerpt: NORTH ON DRUMMOND by K C Burn


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Today we’re featured an excerpt from K C Burn’s upcoming NORTH ON DRUMMOND.

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Sunlight flashed off the ocean on Cliff Garcia’s right as he drove along the two lane road toward Sandy Bottom Bay. Opening the car window, salty air rushed into the car and he drew in a deep breath, the scent making his homecoming seem more real than it had until now. He’d lived in Los Angeles for the past eight years, and despite frequent trips to the beach with friends, for some reason the Pacific just wasn’t the same as the Gulf coast of Florida where he’d grown up. Maybe it was the fact that even at the beach he couldn’t shake the stink of smog out of his nostrils. Maybe it was the aridity of California. Most people didn’t enjoy the thick, muggy humidity of a soggy Florida summer afternoon. Cliff didn’t much either, not when he was enduring it, but strangely, he found he missed even that while he’d been in California.

Florida had a different vibe, a different scent, a different way of life. One that wasn’t always congruent with being gay, at least not in his tiny hometown. But then, he hadn’t been out on the LAPD either. The cynicism and non-stop threat of violence had worn him down in four short years on the job, and turned him into a jaded, world weary man at the tender age of twenty-eight. It hadn’t taken long before he’d begun to wonder if he’d made a mistake living in LA. Then again, Cliff wasn’t entirely sure small town life suited him either, but here he was, back again, for the foreseeable future. Maybe there was nowhere he truly belonged. Nowhere he could be himself. Nowhere he could be happy.

A billboard framed by palm trees caught his eye. White sandy beach, glistening blue water, and the words “Visit Sandy Bottom Bay! Voted Best Beach in Florida*”

Cliff slowed his car, since there was no one on the road with him, to read the asterisked disclaimer, written in small enough font that most people wouldn’t be able to read it as they tore down the road at sixty-five miles an hour, or more, depending on whether they were defying the posted speed limit.

The asterisked disclaimer made him cringe. The disclaimer represented everything he despised about his hometown, and it wasn’t their probable lack of acceptance of his sexuality. This was the reason his parents had broken up. This was what his mother loved more than his father, more than him, more than anything in the world, as far as Cliff could tell. His mother’s delusions were not only accepted in Sandy Bottom Bay, they were actively encouraged.

Visit Sandy Bottom Bay! Voted Best Beach in Florida.*

*By readers of Paranormal Broadcast Weekly


  1. Comment by bn100:

    Nice description

  2. Comment by sula22:

    What an interesting introduction to a new book and you can only wonder why he is coming home when he obviously hates all that his childhood home meant to him and a mother who he feels loved the place more than him and his father. I look forward to reading more.

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