Sunshine State Stories Blog Hop Excerpt: THE SOUND OF SHOOTING STARS by Heather Allen


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Today we’re featured an excerpt from Heather Allen’s THE SOUND OF SHOOTING STARS.

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18187253“But Beckett, you promised you would stay away and let me talk to him.” Trina pleads.

What the hell is her deal? I can’t help it that I’m more desirable than she is. Nick Parsons would rather have this than that, who could blame him? Yes, she’s tall and exotic looking with her Mexican heritage but I’m sandy haired and blue eyed, Florida girl all the way.

I put on my best smile and tell her sweetly, lowering my voice as if whispering a secret, “Truthfully, he wasn’t very good. Think of it as me doing you a favor, Trin.”

Her eyes widen and she glares at me before huffing off down the hall in her two inch wedges. I frown at her reaction. Maybe I’m losing my touch. Usually my girls wouldn’t be mad at me for something so petty. I turn back to my locker trying to shove my irritation at her away.

Dani walks up and leans against the locker beside mine. She looks down her perfectly straight nose at me. She’s a full foot taller than me with jet black, shoulder length hair. Her skin is the opposite of Trina’s, paler, almost as white as the walls that surround us.

“Beckett, you know that you told her you’d stay away. Actually, I think your exact words were, ‘Nick Parsons is off limits for this girl’ and you followed it with encouragement for her to go for it.”

I squirm and shift from one heeled foot to the other. My hands move to my lock turning the dial to allow me access and avoid her chiding stare. Once it clicks open, I move my gaze to Dani’s waiting eyes.

A sigh escapes my lips. “I know. He just… what could I do? He came onto me and my hormones took over. It wasn’t even worth it. She just needs to get over it.”

“You know this isn’t the first time Beckett. It may be for Trina but you’ve done this before. Remember Jessica and Samantha?”

I look into my locker choosing to ignore her accusatory words. I reach in and pull out my history book. When I slam the locker closed, my eyes meet Dani’s again. The green in them seems to pierce through me. Yes, I’m feeling guilty and I shouldn’t. I push my hair back and grasp the book close against my chest.

“Okay, maybe I should have walked away. But it’s not like I’m going to date him or anything. Ewww! It was a one- time thing. She can go for it now.”

“You know she can’t now that you’ve slept with him, girl code, remember?”

I shrug and turn uncomfortably to go to my next class. Whatever, Trina will get over it. I really did do her a favor. His kisses are slobbery.

I slide into a desk close to the back of the class in the middle row. When I’m settled, I turn around to see Trina still stewing. She is staring down at her desk as if she can bore a hole into it with just her gaze. Her long brown hair is pushed back into a ponytail at the nape of her neck. She glances up and glares as she holds a pencil between her fingers tapping the desk harder than necessary.

“Trina, I’m sorry, okay? Really, I didn’t do it on purpose.”

She stares for a minute before a slow smile spreads across her face. Her slight accented voice whispers, “Was he really that bad?”

I nod my head giggling while pushing my hair back off my shoulder.

“It’s okay Beckett, I forgive you but just this once.”

Her nose pinches when she tells me, “You have to let me at least try Beckett.”

I turn in my seat as our teacher calls for attention. Thank God that ordeal is over.



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