Review: CURSED by Angela Addams


Title: Cursed (The Order of the Wolf, #1)
Author: Angela Addams
Pages: 87
Release Date: July 29, 2014

I received this ebook for review from the author, in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way compensated for this review.

Meet Raven and Darcy. Raven is a bassist in a rock band who takes advantage of his popularity to meet plenty of women to satisfy his carnal pleasures. Darcy is a witch, though not a very good one, who hates one night stands. However, as the poster children for Murphy’s Law, they find their personal positions challenged. When the two meet it is explosive in a lot of different ways.

Raven spots Darcy at an after party and can’t take his eyes off of her. Darcy has been plotting to meet Raven for a while and takes full advantage of the opportunity. From the start, the chemistry is running rampant between the two of them. Wild sex. Lots of sex. Lots of satisfaction. This worked because it further moved the characters out of their normal behavioral paths. But you knew it was too good to be true. That is when things tilt.  After a night of the best sex ever, Raven doesn’t want to let Darcy go but knows he must. Although Darcy feels a level of attraction to Raven that she has not had with any of her other targets, she still puts her plan in place by cursing Raven.

The above information can be gleaned from the synopsis. As one who hates spoilers, I feel that too much detail on the main characters was provided in the professional synopsis. Fortunately for me, I read the book before the synopsis. However, in reading the book I was pleased that the synopsis only covered approximately the first ten or so pages of the book. This means that I got to enjoy the action of the book. Now, keep reading.

Here is where the action picks up. Per the official blurb, we know the curse goes horribly wrong. The author handled the overall conflict in a good way. There is only so much one can put in a novella. However, the way that the main characters handle the curse and tries to reverse it is intriguing. Packed with some predictability, I found myself still drawn to the book due to the surprise of how the curse is addressed. In their search for a cure, the main characters are inevitably thrown in each other’s space and have to deal with the anger of a plan gone wrong. The supporting characters are not always what they seem so be sure to have a pencil and paper handy so that you can keep up.

Mixed with plenty of twists, the book has an unexpected ending. I found this book to be a cute novella and it hit the spot when I needed a quick read. It was lighthearted and funny. I would recommend this book if you are look for a romantic smile with a healthy dose of the unexpected.


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    Thanks for hosting me and for the great review!

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