Rec My Weekend – HELL & HIGH WATER by Charlie Cochet

When more than half of my review team simultaneously FREAKS OUT over a book series, I know it’s something I’ve got to share!! Charlie Cochet’s THIRDS series has taken readers (including my girls) for a fast, fun, intense ride through a military styled urban fantasy.



This was their chat about book one in the THIRDS series, HELL & HIGH WATER :

Dolorianne:  First – what did you guys expect when you read the blurb for the first one … and did it live up to your expectations?
Lynn: Totally exceeded my expectations! As you know I’m not a fan of shifter stories and the whole “mine” thingy. This was refreshing.
Dolorianne:  Yeah … this was something completely different. I LOVED the world building and the different take on how/why the shifters exist. Because the background is more “science” instead of “magic”, I think she was able to cut out a lot of the shifter stereotypes.
Tina: I loved Dex’s character. Even when he was bringing comic relief to the team he was assessing how they were handling the death of their team member and how he could help. I also like the fact that the romance between him and Sloan appears to be developing over time.
Tina: I like that even though they are shifters the focus seems to be more on the mystery/solving of the crime
Dolorianne: I agree with all of that. The entire THIRDS series seems to be taking its time on a great overall story arc so it doesn’t need to rush theHellHighWaterHiRes200 endgame … whether that be the conflict or the romance. There are people who fall quickly, or who look at a batch of clues and can make sense of it all right away, but for the most part … I like that it is all happening in stages instead of all at the same time. Feels less convenient and more natural to me.
Tina: Exactly.
Dolorianne: And the humor is fantastic. There are times when it is used for comic relief in a tense situation … and others its just something goofy that doesn’t seem to have a specific purpose. Depending on the reader, there are a couple instances where the humor could seem a little over the top. Dex, specifically, is a little obnoxious at times … but I saw it more as a calculated risk.
Dolorianne: As you said, they had lost a team member and Dex’s personality jolted the entire team into living again.
Dolorianne: Does anyone have a favorite part of the book?
Tina: Baloo chasing Dex. LOL
Dolorianne: haha … that was an awesome scene!!! To have that scene coming out of nowhere was a great move … we, as the readers were put in the same place as the team … wondering what the hell was going on. 🙂
Tina: I also liked the ending… it was the “uh oh” when you thought things were settled

Dolorianne: It definitely made it obvious that things were much larger than we expected.

About the mystery aspect … what did you think of the clues? Did you guess the bad guy early? Along the way? Or surprised at the end?
Tina: I guessed kinda early on.
Dolorianne: Guess, guess, or guess, know?
Tina: … and by early on, I mean after he was introduced and there were a couple of scenes involving him.
Dolorianne: I had a couple theories, some panned out, others got stronger as it went along. I suspected early on but I couldn’t figure out what the motivation was … that came later.
Tina: But I still loved it. Anyone who was around me saw me reacting to the different parts of the book. I love a book that causes me to feel different emotions
Dolorianne: Was there anything that didn’t make sense, was confusing, or that you didn’t like?
Tina: For me, no
Lynn: Me neither. 🙂
Dolorianne: Me either. It was really fun anyway you look at it. Lots of variety no matter what kind of stories you are interested in. She seemed to cover all the bases and anything left hanging should flow great into the next book.
Lynn: I liked it, and can’t wait for the next one.
Tina: There is nothing I would change and I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series!!
*************** End Chat *****************
Luckily, Dolorianne, Tina, and Lynn were able to check out book two with only a minimal wait. You can see their group review of BLOOD & THUNDER here!!

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