Coastal Magic Convention Featured Author Spotlight: Interview & Giveaway with Tonya Kappes

I’m sure all of you have followed this blog for a while are familiar with my Coastal Magic Convention. For those who aren’t familiar, here’s a brief introduction…

CoastalMagic2015Vertical4Coastal Magic is a super casual, urban fantasy and paranormal romance focused convention in Daytona Beach, FL. With panels designed to start interesting discussion, and meet & greets with fun themes, we’ve got something for every fan. Join us for reader, blogger, and author shenanigans, and lots of “supernatural” inspired activities. Saturday’s charity book sale and signing is open to convention attendees, and FREE to the public. Come take a bite out of the beach with us!! Feb 5-8, 2015

Today, one of our Featured Bloggers, Carol (Bitten By Books reviewer, DragonCon Urban Fantasy Track Director) is sharing an interview she did with one of our Featured Authors, Tonya Kappes. This is an exciting interview for me, because “cozy” paranormal mysteries have become some of my new favorite types of books to read. I can’t wait to learn a little more about Tonya, and her books. Check after the interview for a chance win the first book in her Magical Cures series!!

473728_4612154335465_1479305750_oWhen did you first know you wanted to be a writer?

Not until I was married with four children. I could tell a good story and my book club said I could write a novel about some funny situations and my husband encouraged me. That was all it took! The next day I was writing, LONG HAND, under a big oak tree at my son’s pee-wee football practice.

What kinds of books did you enjoy reading as a child and teen?

I didn’t. I never read the great novels. I never read Little Women, Gone with the Wind, The Great Gatsby. BUT I loved the movies 😉 Unless it was an invitation to a party . . . I didn’t pick it up.

If you couldn’t be an author, what would your ideal career be?

I did have my ideal career before my writing career took off. By degree I’m a child therapist. I LOVED working with children and their families.

What is one place you have never visited that you would really like to?

I have never been to Paris. I really want to see the Eiffel Tower in person and sip coffee next to it!

If you could live inside the world of any book, which would you choose?Charming Magic 600wide 72dpi

I would pick my own world of Whispering Falls in my Magical Cure Series books. The fantasy world I had created was somewhere I wanted to live. It’s a small village with cozy shops where magic plays a big part!

Do you have a favorite character to write?

YES! I love writing June Heal from my Magical Cures Series. She has special powers, sweet, and kind to everyone. I love her magical, witchy side and sooooo want secret powers!

What kinds of activities do you do for relaxation?

Ha! Relaxation? What is that? Did I mention I have four teenage boys??? I’m always on the go with something they are involved in. When I’m not doing something for them, I’m writing. BUT I do love a good date night with my hubby!

Do you ever attend fan conventions?

YES! I only attend reader conventions. I’m not a big FAN of the word fan. My readers are just like me, readers. That is what this gig is all about for me. Reaching ONE reader with my make-believe world and helping them escape from the grind of the daily life has and will be my goal. I love that!

What is one question you never get asked in interviews, but wish you did?

Since I write a ghost series, Ghostly Southern Mystery, and the cemetery is a big character in the story, I wish someone had asked me what my tombstone would have etched on it. What you ask?? THE END!


You can find Tonya (and her books) around the web in the following places:

Website     Tonya’s Personal Blog

Instagram    Facebook    Twitter    Pinterest

Tonya’s next release will be A Charming Secret, the 6th novel in the Magical Cures mystery series, on October 7th!! If you haven’t started the series yet, HERE’S YOUR CHANCE!! Let us know (in the comments below) what you’d like etched on YOUR tombstone, and one commenter will be chosen at random to win an ebook copy of A Charming Crime, book 1 in the series! Contest starts now, and will end at midnight (pacific) on Wednesday, October 1st. Good Luck!!

(Ebook will be gifted through B&N, and can be read on Nook, or other devices by downloading the free Nook app.)


  1. Comment by Stephanie Fredrick:

    Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and all around kick ass woman who lived her life to the fullest.

  2. Comment by Jill Cadena David:

    Tonya is just awesome to her reader family. She knows adout my family and I know about hers. She is a very special lady and I feel lucky to have her as a part of my life. …..And her books are wonderful.

  3. Comment by Teri Lenz:

    Are We There Yet?

  4. Comment by Tonya Kappes:

    LOVE it!!! Ha!

  5. Comment by Tonya Kappes:

    Thank you so much, Jill!! xo

  6. Comment by Candace Fox:

    Here lies Candi Fox. She was not a stripper…..

  7. Comment by Tonya Kappes:

    Oh Teri! That is funny! I can sooooo hear you saying this too 🙂

  8. Comment by Tatiana L.:

    World Traveller

  9. Comment by Tonya Kappes:

    Hahahahahahahahahaa!!! OMG! Candi!! That is sooooo funny!!!

  10. Comment by Tonya Kappes:

    OH! Tatiana! Are you??

  11. Comment by Joann Hunter:

    I love whispering falls Tanya!

  12. Comment by Robyn K:

    If you didn’t get to know the real me, it’s too late now.

  13. Comment by Teri Lenz:


  14. Comment by Nancy Wolfe:

    She died doing what she loved to do.

  15. Comment by Michelle Steffen:

    I love Whispering Falls! Keep writing until THE END!!!!!

  16. Comment by Mary M.:

    She always said her feet were killing her
    but nobody believed her.

    Tonya rocks!

  17. Comment by Stormy:

    Mine would read. ” Best MOM Ever “

  18. Comment by Yaritza Santana:

    Fashionista book lover…Tonya is so much fun

  19. Comment by Mary Wild:

    The Magical Cures series is the best! Good clean fun.

  20. Comment by CathyDulingShouse:

    It’s late and I’m tired. What about “Finally can stop dieting.”
    Sad, I know!

  21. Comment by Kimberly Dawn:

    Loved the interview. Love Tonya and her books! My tombstone should say: She’s still alive!! (Don’t enter me. I already have this book.)

  22. Comment by barbsilkstone:

    Love Tonya’s books!

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