Words & Music Monday with Chudney Thomas


I’m so excited to have Chudney Thomas with us this week, to showcase music from her first release, FULL CIRCLE!!

ChudneyHello Everybody! My name is Chudney Thomas and I write Paranormal Romance. I write shifters, weres, others, whatever you want to call them. I like my men hairy with big teeth. Wait, wait that didn’t sound right. What I meant to say was… I like all the goodness that comes along with Alpha males and I like it even more if they’re werewolves or shifters.

What I love just as much as writing and reading is music. I write to it. I belt out on songs in the car. I play piano. I’m a bit rusty after years of no practice, but I can still play from memory an exam piece that evokes sadness. Music has the power to move you. Make you, happy, sad. Make you ache and trigger lust.

I was in the bedroom the other night when I heard Adam Levine’s voice. It turned out not to be a music video but new Kia Soul commercial. You know, the one with the hamsters. (Go advertising team, you used my love of music and Adam Levine against me.)

That song and his voice sort triggered a thought in me. We’re living in a day and age when listening to our instincts can seem barbaric. The reason I love reading and writing in the paranormal genre is simply because it allows me to tap into that deep primal state that’s no longer acceptable in modern society. Unless you like to be terrified, but that’s a whole other post.

This song, besides having Adam Levine  belting it out, covers some of the territory of we find in a romance. You can hear need and wanting in his voice, and the lyrics take you through what quite a few characters in some of my favorite books go through in their courtships. My husband may roll his eyes when I play it, but I still like it.


Title: Full Circle
Series: Central Florida Pack (#.5)
ebook: ISBN- 978-0-9895805-0-2
Print: ISBN 13: 978-1502507327
ISBN 10: 1502507323
Length: 23,000 words


He’s waited years for her

In a pack of werewolves, a half human isn’t exactly at the top of the food chain. Half-human, half-werewolf, Ria Marlett knows her place in the pack. And she knows exactly how the pack’s alpha, Drake Neilson, views her; as a convenient lay. So far she’s managed to avoid his advances, but she knows his patience is growing thin.

Now he’s ready to claim her.

Ria does her best to avoid Drake, but the sexy woman can’t hide who she is. Tired of waiting, now he’ll do whatever it takes to win Ria, even woo her while dealing with rabid lone wolf attacks. With the pack in danger Ria is forced to face what Drake has been telling her all along, she just might be the strongest of the pack.



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Author Bio

I was born in Brooklyn New York, raised on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. According to my father, I learned to read at three and wouldn’t allow him to skip a page of a story. I grew up raiding my mother’s stash of books and my Aunt Patsy’s extensive library. There, I developed my love of literature, and specifically romance.

Books transported me to different worlds, and encouraged me to learn about different cultures, continents, expanding my horizons. I currently live in Central Florida with my family and our interesting pet pooch Maya.

Author contact:  Website     Twitter     Facebook     GoodReads

Chudney will also be one of the Featured Authors at the 2015 Coastal Magic Convention! Don’t miss a chance to hang out with her, and the other awesome  authors and readers attending. For more info, click the image below.




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