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Today’s Words & Music Monday post is coming from an author I met at the RT Booklover’s Convention in New Orleans this year. Alex Kahler’s Immortal Circus series caught my attention right away, literally, as I was walking down an aisle during the signing. The cover attracted me, and the write up hooked me. Next week, the first book in his Hunted series, MARTYR, is releasing. I’m so excited to share a bit of his musical inspiration with you all here. (And… for those of you who aren’t familiar with his books… definitely check them out.)

db5c5d4712de0a7e9d9a65_L__V363653305_SY470_Music has played such an integral role in all of my books, and MARTYR was definitely no exception. I pretty much wrote one draft entirely to the ‘Sucker Punch’ soundtrack (and yes, that version was just as angsty and battle-driven as you can imagine. I sometimes feel I should credit the producers). Seeing as the book has seen no less than 6 incarnations, the music that inspired it has changed and shifted over the years. A few themes have remained the same, though—MARTYR has always been a mix of really sad and nostalgic songs and pulse-driving battle anthems. I mean, it’s sort of a given when you look at the title.

As you can imagine, it was insanely difficult to pick just five songs for the five main characters. But I tried. I’m still not entirely settled on them, but this should give you an idea. If you’re interested in learning more about the characters and the world, visit http://fearthehunted.com/characters/

(And a minor plug—I’m giving out swag/signed bookplates for anyone who pre-orders and sends me a confirmation image to alexrkahler@gmail.com or @ARKahler!)

Now, on to the music!

Tenn : Wear it Like a Crown – Rebekka Karijord

For a protagonist, Tenn is…not the strongest of characters. At least not at first. As a Water mage, he’s rather unsure in his powers, and his tendency to slip into nostalgia is strong. But that is also a source of strength for him—his element feeds on emotion, and he has plenty to spare. I guess that’s what happens when everything you know is ripped away. This song is all about facing what scares you and using it to move forward. If only Tenn knew this song, he might grow sooner rather than later…

Jarrett : Run – Snow Patrol

The first time I heard this song, I knew it was Jarrett’s theme. Or, rather, it’s the theme of him and Tenn. This is a love song for the apocalypse, that terrible love of knowing things probably won’t last. It’s about having that one person who makes the darkness worth fighting through, the hope of a light at the end, a return to normalcy. It’s not a comforting love song. Let’s be honest, it sort of hurts like hell.

And in so many ways, that’s love in this world. Once you have it, you know precisely what you risk losing.

Martyr cover 18aug2014_highresDreya : Set Fire to the Rain – Adele

Okay, I’ll admit, Dreya isn’t really the longing-in-love type. She’s stoically independent, save for her ties to her brother Devon. And yet, there’s a power in this song that has always, always reminded me of her. She’s best known for summoning storms, and something about this song resonates with my concept of her. She’d be the one to say goodbye and burn the world down around you, just to make sure there’s no bridge to cross.

Devon : Army of Me – Bjork

Devon is insanely quiet, but that’s mainly because he’s afraid of speaking his mind. The element of Fire does that to people. Which just means, his inner ragings fit perfectly well with this battle-worthy song. He feels like a single man against the world, and he’s going to make the world pay for what it did.

Tomas : Flesh – Simon Curtis / Devil Within – Digital Daggers

I couldn’t choose between the two, so I picked both. Tomas is such a fantastic bad-boy antagonist. He has many motivations, but the ones that he exemplifies are sex and power. So, “Flesh” was a natural choice for a character with such diabolical tastes. And “Devil Within” is just so damn creepy and stalkerish, which is Tomas to a T. These two combined perfectly highlight his twisted psyche.

****You can click the MARTYR cover image above to read the first chapter of the story. Release day is October 28th.****

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