Halloween Flash Fiction Event Kickoff!!


Hello all!!! Welcome to the Books Make Me Happy First Annual (I hope??) Halloween Flash Fiction Event!! I love the crazy captions that people add to pictures. That, taken to the next level, is what inspired this event. Writers have used various things as story prompts forever, it’s the nature of the business. I’ve just tailored their energy into a few specific images, and what has come out of that are some really fantastic short story bits.

All authors were given the same selection of images to choose from. All pictures were selected from DeviantART artists who specifically allow their images to be used on outside websites, with proper credit and a link back to their page. I will be doing so for each image. I’ll also be linking back to the artists’ DA pages with the finished post link.

Some of these “creepy picture inspired drabbles” are related to the authors’ existing story worlds. Some of them are lighthearted Halloween faire, and some are downright eerie. Every one is unique, and I’m THRILLED with the variety of our stories. I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to each of the participating authors. Many of them were/are on deadline, and took time away to share these little nuggets of creepy goodness with us.

So… here is the posting schedule for our Halloween “creepy picture inspired” Flash Fictions. Be sure to check out each post, each day. Not only are the stories fantastic, but some of the authors are offering giveaways!!

Friday, October 24th

Terry Spear

Menna van Praag

Linda Robertson

Saturday, October 25th

Rane Sjodin

Rebecca Zanetti

Boone Brux

Sunday, October 26th

Amber Belldene

Tish Thawer

Monday, October 27th

Alex Hughes

Jan DeLima

Tawdra Kandle

Tuesday, October 28th

Alex R Kahler

Lucienne Diver

Wednesday, October 29th

Gini Koch

Olivia Hardin

Thursday, October 30th

Elliott James

Brynn Myers

Friday, October 31st

James R Tuck

Charlie Cochet

Candace Havens

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