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Thank you for joining us for this Halloween Flash Fiction Event story from Tawdra Kandle.  I love that her story takes place in one of my favorite cities. I could SO see this happening!! The image is a stock photo from a DeviantART artist who specifically allows it to be used on outside websites, with credit and links posted. Big thanks, to both the author and the artist, for sharing. Now… on to the story…


“. . .and if you look over here in the corner, you can see the grave of Judge Walker. Legend says he was killed by a woman he’d sentenced to die for murdering her lover. His ghost has been spotted here in the cemetery as well as at the courthouse.”

I tried to stifle a yawn. This haunted city tour had sounded like a good idea when my brother and his girlfriend had invited me to spend the weekend with them in Savannah, but then Meghan had gotten sick—we feared food poisoning—and Sam thought he’d better stay at the apartment and take care of her. But he urged me to go on the tour myself.

“You never get a break, Aly. Go and have fun—you love this kind of thing. Just don’t bring home anything dead.”

And so here I was, by myself with a tour leader whose dry monotone made me want to jump into the nearest open grave and a group of assorted other wanna-be ghosthunters. The goth dude and his girlfriend looked bored, but the two teachers who were taking furtive sips out of a silver flask were having a wonderful time. They giggled and pointed, squealing when the guide shared anything even remotely spooky.

I cast a glance around, wondering at what point I could gracefully sneak away, when a slight movement made me pause. An old building rose up outside the walls of the graveyard, and on a ledge, just beyond the edge of the lamplight, hunched a man dressed in black. His dark hair hung to his shoulders, and as I watched he raised one long, white finger to his lips. I turned my head to see who he was looking at, but there was no one else behind me. His lips turned up slightly, and he cocked his head, challenge in those hooded eyes.Savannah_by_Night_09_by_LinzStock

The guide raised her voice. “And we’re walking now, folks. Please stick to the paths. Next stop is the Grimmald House. . .”

I stayed with them until I passed through the gate, but when the group turned left, I hung a right. I told myself that I was heading back to Meghan’s apartment because the tour was boring, but my eyes stole to the ledge again. It was empty. I bit back disappointment.

“Looking for me?” The deep voice scared the bejesus out of me, and I let out a little shriek.

“What the hell?” I flattened myself against the fence, hand to my heart. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“You didn’t seem to be enjoying the ghost tour. What’s the matter? Don’t you believe?”

I shook my head. “No. I mean. . . I think I have an open mind, but. . .” I squinted at him in the dark. “I’m sorry, what do you want?”

“These things are worthless. A bunch of ridiculous stories spun by people who have no idea what they’re talking about.” He stood over me, his long leather coat drawn over a body that rippled with muscles. “I can show you where the real ghosts live. Where the vampires prey. I’ll take you to where you truly want to go.” He held out a hand. “Will you come?”

I hesitated, temptation warring with caution. It was wrong. I didn’t know who this man was—or what he had in mind. It was nearly midnight, and I was alone in a strange city. I should turn, run in the other direction.

I took his hand and followed him into the night.


About The Author

I am a writer.

After years of concentrating on non-fiction, mostly parenting and homeschool related articles, I realized a dream and finished my first full-length novel in 2008.

THE KING SERIES is a quartet of Young Adult paranormal romance books. Since the publication of FEARLESS in December, 2011, I have released the rest of Tasmyn’s story as well as an adult contemporary romance (THE POSSE), a New Adult contemporary romance (BEST SERVED COLD) and two short stories.

In my non-writing hours, I am a mother of five (four biological, one in-law) and a wife of one. I homeschool the youngest one, since all the others have flown the coop, figuratively if not literally. I also have. . wait for it. . .five cats and one sweet puppy.

Writing, reading and traveling are my passions.  I love and will devour anything by Anne Rice, Diana Gabaldon, Nora Roberts, Janet Evanovitch, Stephen King, Anne Perry, Julia Spencer-Fleming. . .there too many books and not enough time!



You can meet & greet with Tawdra in February, as she is one of the Featured Authors at Coastal Magic, an urban fantasy and paranormal romance convention in Daytona Beach, FL.


About The Artist

Image: Savannah By Night

Artist Page: LinzStock  http://www.deviantart.com/art/Savannah-by-Night-09-61950569


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