10 Things Thursday: 10 Things About The Poughkeepsie Brotherhood by Debra Anastasia

Today’s feature is spotlighting one of the funniest and most talented people I know. Debra Anastasia doesn’t hold ANYTHING back… whether is be in social media, or her incredible stories. Somehow she manages to balance sexy, sweet, snark, and genuine truth in each book. Debra is the author of two popular series, The Seraphim series (paranormal romance), and The Poughkeepsie Brotherhood series (contemporary romance). Today, we’re getting a little more info about the Brotherhood series, and book 3, SAVING POUGHKEEPSIE, due out November 22nd.


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10 Things About The Poughkeepsie Brotherhood Series:

1. Jennifer and I have known each other a long time!

2. Poughkeepsie (book 1) was originally fanfic.

3. Poughkeepsie has more vowels than any other word in the world. (Not really but it feels like it when I’m writing it out! And my name is Debra Anastasia. It’s like I have a vowel fetish.)

4. The computer containing the Poughkeepsie manuscript was one of the things I grabbed out of the wreckage of my house before it was demolished in the wake of Hurricane Irene.

5. The dog in Poughkeepsie, Peanut, is named after my cocker spaniel.

6. In Return to Poughkeepsie, Beckett adopts his dog Gandhi from an animal shelter because that something that matters to me. (I have 4 rescue pets!)

7. The Poughkeepsie Brotherhood Series has more creative curses than someone can shake their dick at.

8. I grew up in New York, and Poughkeepsie was where I went to the mall on occasion.

9. The Hudson Valley is gorgeous, as is the Poughkeepsie Train station, where the book starts.

10. Saving Poughkeepsie will be released 11.22.14, and is the end of an era!

Thanks Jennifer for letting me take over your list!


Book 1 Poughkeepsie
Book 2 Return to Poughkeepsie
Book 3 Saving Poughkeepsie (Drops on 11.22.14)
You can find Debra online at her website, and on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and GoodReads.

****Adding my own “11th Thing” to the list… (it’s my list, so I can totally do that, lol)****
The first book in the series can be “experienced”. Through some seriously amazing technical mojo, and a tiny bit of magic, the publisher created an enhanced version of POUGHKEEPSIE that includes the soundtrack, image gallery, author/editor notes, and other cool stuff. So, if you’re like me, and you look for all the “extras” that go along with the stories you love… it doesn’t get better than this!
Check out the Enhanced POUGHKEEPSIE!

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