Cover Reveal: WOUNDED (Little Goddess series, #2, Volume 1) by Amy Lane

Hello, my lovelies!

Today I am SO excited to share the second cover in the re-release of Amy Lane’s Little Goddess series. It’s a series I love dearly, and the new covers are beautiful.

For those who’ve read the books in their original incarnation, you’ll remember that they are much longer than standard novel length. In an effort to “tame the beast” a bit, Dreamspinner has split each of the remaining new editions into two volumes, each. We’ve not got a release date, and a pre-order option for WOUNDED, book 2, volume 1!!!!

***Below the cover is the blurb for the book… it DOES contain spoilers, so you may want to skip it if you haven’t read VULNERABLE. If you HAVE read the first book… OMG, BRACKEN!!!!***


Cory fled the foothills to deal with the pain of losing Adrian, and Green watched her go. Separately, they could easily grieve themselves to death, but when an old enemy of Green’s brings them back together, they can no longer hide from their grief—or their love for each other.

But Cory’s grieving has cut her off from the emotional stability that’s the source of her power, and Green’s worry for her has left them both weak. Cory’s strength comes from love, and she finds that when she’s in the presence of Adrian’s best friend, Bracken, she feels stronger still.

But defeating their enemy is by no means a sure thing. As the attacks against Cory and her lovers keep coming, it becomes clear that their love might not be enough if they can’t heal each other—and themselves—from the wounds that almost killed them all.

2nd Edition

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