Happy Book Birthday, and Birthday Birthday to Dakota Chase! Author Q&A and Contest!

I love celebrating awesome new books, and even better, awesome authors! Today is a double celebration day, as my friend Kiernan Kelly is having a birthday, AND, it’s release day (writing as Dakota Chase) for her YA story, MAD ABOUT THE HATTER!

Check out the book, and below, a quick Q&A with Kiernan. There’s also a chance for you to win an ebook copy!





This trip down the rabbit hole will reveal a very different Wonderland.


Alice’s younger brother, Henry, is sent to a bizarre world he never really believed existed. His best chance to get home is the Mad Hatter, who is a remarkably stranger, if more handsome, fellow than Henry expects. Hatter’s only goal is to keep his head firmly attached to his body, and his best chance for doing it is to bring “Boy Alice” to the Red Queen as ordered. It’s dislike at first sight for Henry and Hatter, but since circumstances force them to remain together, they try to abide each other.


During their travels and adventures through Wonderland, they grudgingly forge a friendship that tests their values and established beliefs. Learning to tolerate each other and then to compromise, offers them a chance for something more when they reach the end of their journey—if they can survive the obstacles along the way.






Quick Q&A With The Birthday Girl

1) You have a YA book out!!! Many people don’t realize you write YA, as well as adult stories. Was it a decision to write “for a younger audience” (in quotes because MANY adults read and love YA books), or did the first story surprise you?

Back in the day when Torquere Press was in the process of launching its young adult imprint, Prizm, I was asked if I was interested in writing a YA for the launch. I was honored to be asked, of course, and since I felt strongly that GLBTQ youth need and deserve to see themselves depicted in positive message stories, I agreed. The first book I wrote was “Changing Jamie,” followed by “Eye of Ra,” both for the Prizm line. My newest is “Mad About the Hatter,” releasing today at Harmony Ink, the Dreamspinner YA line.

2) What do you think (or maybe, *hope*) that fans of your adult books will find in this book? Do “Dakota” and “Kiernan” share writing/storytelling styles, or is it a totally different experience?

I think my writing style is similar for both, although Kiernan, of course, is much naughtier. LOL

2) ALICE IN WONDERLAND is a classic that’s been redone numerous times. What do you think readers will find in MAD ABOUT THE HATTER that sets this retelling apart? Are there parts of the original story that you felt needed to be kept intact?

My spin on the Alice story is told from a male perspective, that of Alice’s brother, Henry. I’ve elevated the Hatter to a major player in the universe, and while I’ve kept certain elements (the Cheshire Cat, the Red Queen, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, and the Caterpillar, for example), I’ve created new landscapes and creatures throughout the book.

4) The cover of the book is GORGEOUS!! I heard it was an original piece of artwork, created for the book?

It is! It was done by the incomparable Paul Richmond. If you haven’t checked out his work before, please do. He’s a phenomenal artist, who’s produced a wide range of wonderful work above and beyond his fantastic book covers. I feel very lucky that my book was assigned to him.

5) Do you have plans to continue with any other classic retellings?

Actually, I’m playing with a few ideas.  I’d love to do a book set in Oz, for example (as in Wizard, not Down Under, LOL).


So… ladies and gentlemen… would you like to win an ebook copy of MAD ABOUT THE HATTER?? Simply comment below with a suggestion for Dakota (Kiernan). What classic story would YOU like to see retold? Contest starts now, and ends Friday night, 8/21/15, at midnight pacific. Winner will be chosen at random from commentors, and notified by email.

I can’t wait to see your suggestions… good luck, everyone!

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