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Paige Tyler‘s story today comes with it’s own intro!! Thanks, Paige 🙂

Here’s a fun little story featuring werewolf/SWAT office Eric Becker, the hero of my upcoming release in the Special Wolf Alpha Team (SWAT) Series, IN THE COMPANY OF WOLVES (December 1, 2015) along with some of his fellow cops/pack mates.

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Becker’s Halloween Story
Special Werewolf Alpha Team (SWAT)
© Paige Tyler



Are you really sure you should be drinking that?” Becker asked as the huge grey wolf on the bank of the stream lapped up some water. “I mean, a cow could have peed in there or something. This is Texas, after all.”

Gage Dixon—all two-hundred-and-fifty fur-covered pounds of him—looked up at Becker with an expression that suggested he’d be wise to keep his opinion on the quality of the local water supply to himself.

Becker held up his hands. “Okay, just saying.”

Gage ignored him and went back to drinking. When the commander—and alpha of alphas—of the Dallas SWAT team finally finished, he lifted his head and walked back over to the grassy area under the trees where the rest of the pack was gathered. He stopped in front of the team’s sniper-slash-medic Alex Trevino and gave a quiet chuff, as if saying okay your turn.

Alex shook his head. “Nah. I’m good. I had something to drink a little while ago.”

Gage growled, showing teeth long enough to make a Great White piss their pants—if Great Whites wore pants. Gage obviously hadn’t been implying that Alex should take a sip from the stream. Their boss wanted Alex to try to shift into a wolf.

“Give it a shot,” Landry Cooper, the team’s explosive’s expert, said from his place off to the side. “Just relax and let it happen. Shifting into your wolf form is as easy as riding a bike.”

Becker heard several of the guys chuckle. He couldn’t help but join them. If getting a human body to shift itself completely into wolf form was that easy, the ability wouldn’t be limited to only eight of the SWAT team’s seventeen members. And of those eight, only three Gage, Cooper, and Brooks—could do it with any speed and reliability.

In reality, turning into a wolf was damn tough. Becker had been working on it for nearly two years since joining the SWAT team and he wasn’t even close. While he could get the fangs and claws, that was about it. Even though Alex had been a werewolf longer than Becker, he wasn’t really any better at it.

That’s why Gage had brought as many of the Pack out here to the LBJ National Grasslands northwest of Dallas as he could. He wanted them to practice shifting without having to worry about the phone ringing or going on a SWAT mission. Now they just had to worry about some hiker wandering up on them and freaking out at the sight of a nearly a dozen muscular men standing around naked while an enormous wolf glowered at them.

Fortunately, it was highly unlikely that anyone could ever sneak up on a pack of werewolves. He and the other guys would sniff them out before they got within a quarter mile of the clearing in the woods.

“I’ll go through a shift again real slow so you can get a feel for what I’m doing,” Brooks said. “Then you try, okay?”

Alex nodded, making room as the team’s largest alpha stepped forward and dropped to his hand and knees in the grass. Senior Corporal Jayden Brooks had been a football player back in college long before he’d become a werewolf and it showed. The guy was frigging huge!

“It’s a lot like when you learned to control your eyes, fangs, and claws. It’s all about visualization and relaxation,” Brooks said softly as his arms and legs began to pop, crack, and twist into a completely different shape.

“Damn,” Trevor McCall, the team’s armorer, muttered. “You can’t tell me that doesn’t hurt.”

Becker silently agreed. Even though he’d watched the other guys shift into wolves quite a few times, he’d never gotten over how violent the whole thing looked. Pain wasn’t really a problem for the guys in the pack. There wasn’t a single one of them who hadn’t been shot, stabbed or beaten with a blunt object at some point during their time in SWAT. But that didn’t mean any of them enjoyed the prospect of their bones breaking and reforming into a completely different shape.

Brooks shook his head with a growl as dark fur starting sprouting all along the ridge of his spine. A moment later, his neck and shoulders hunched and thickened.

“It not about the pain,” Cooper said. “It’s about accepting who you truly are inside. Once you do that, a full shift isn’t difficult.”

That’s what the guys who could handle a full shift always said. It was about accepting and being at piece with your inner wolf. Becker wasn’t so sure about that. Sometimes he figured it was just a matter of some of the guys on the SWAT team being gluttons for punishment. Like Gage. He could handle a full shift, but then again he’d been shot like twenty times since joining SWAT. As for Brooks, he’d been known to smash head first into a moving getaway vehicle to knock it off the road. Then there was Cooper, who’d been blown through a brick wall at one point in his military career. None of them were probably right in the head.

A few feet away, Brooks’ spine popped so hard that Becker and everyone else but Cooper jerked.

“Oh, hell no,” Zane Kendrick said in that British accent of his. “I’m getting out of here. You chaps roll around on the ground as much as you want. I’m staying on my own two feet.”

Thirty seconds later, the clearing was empty except for Gage and Brooks in their wolf forms, Cooper, and Becker. All three of them turned their attention to him.

Becker held up his hands. “Don’t look at me. I’m fine being a two-legged werewolf, too.”

As he walked away, Becker could hear Gage and Brooks chuffing in what sounded like laughter. He wondered if they were amused by what he’d said or the visual of half a dozen naked SWAT cops going in search of their clothes.



This story poses an interesting question… would YOU want to be a shifter? If you had the chance, and considering the kind of transformation we saw here… would you want to be a werewolf? A lion or tiger shifter? A dragon shifter, maybe? Be sure to leave me a comment below, and come chat about shifters of all kinds with Paige, and the other Featured Authors at the 2016 Coastal Magic Convention!

You can find the kickoff post for this year’s Halloween Flash Fiction Blog Event HERE, for a listing of all of this week’s participating authors, many including giveaways. Good Luck, everyone!!


  1. Comment by Paige Tyler:

    Thanks so much for having me, Jennifer! 🙂


  2. Comment by Dina S:

    if I had to be one, a wolf is the closest to human for me

  3. Comment by Julia BookReader (Jules):

    I’d love to be any type of feline shifter!
    Great story!!

  4. Comment by Paige Tyler:

    Thanks so much, Dina and Julia! 🙂


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