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Kiernan Kelly has been a part of Coastal Magic since it’s inception, and always has fun blog posts and stories to share when we do these kinds of events. Today’s story is no different. Full of her well known wit, and a touch of naughty, we’ve got a fun vampire short to enjoy.



Lake Hopatchee
by Kiernan Kelly


In the dog days of summer, Lake Hopatchee drew tourists from all over the Northeast. They came in droves when the blistering sun heated the lake to bathwater temperatures, and fired the sand until unwary sunbathers could cook on the beach like shellfish at a clambake.

During those bright days of June, July, and August, winter, the Little Death, the season of darkness and ice, of bitter winds and knife-edge cold, seemed far away, a dream from which one awoke and promptly forgot. Summer was all the tourists at Lake Hopatchee knew. They dressed in swimsuits of bright cloth, their skin glistening with oil as they stretched out on the golden sand or splashed in the crystalline water, and forgot winter was only a couple of months away.

Thorne knew better. For him, the brightness of summer was nothing but a trick, a bright bauble dangled before the eyes of the naive, a distraction from the ice-encrusted train barreling down the tracks at them.  He knew what rode on the bitter winds, what made its winter nest at Lake Hopatchee, what hunted the frosty nights amid the skeletal frames of the amusement rides on the pier, and along the ice-choked edge of the lake.

He knew and he waited, and was always rewarded when the brisk breath of autumn blew in. When October’s chill sent the last of the tourists scurrying home, bringing sanity back to the lake and peace and quiet to most of the year-round residents, a sense of expectancy began to grow within him.

It was in him now, that persistent tingle, tickling the back of his neck like the warm breath of a lover.

Pushing a wide broom before him, Thorne swept the area bridging the wide, main walkway with the swan boat dock. The park owned a dozen boats, all in dire need of a paint job. Swan heads and gracefully arched necks rose from sleek paddleboat bodies, but the underlying fish-belly pale fiberglass peeked through the cracked and peeling white paint like bone through flesh.

The previous night’s windstorm had been strong, a precursor to the nor’easters that would batter the area in the coming months. It’d ripped one of the boats free from its mooring and cast it adrift on the lake. The boat bobbed on the slick of black water looking lonely and helpless, isolated from its flock.

“Thorne? Hey, Thorny!”

He looked up at the sound of his name, and back toward the main path. The Ferris wheel and wooden rollercoaster rose against the black sky like the bones of an enormous beast. A man stood silhouetted before them, an ant standing in the shadow of giants.

“Hey, yourself.” Thorne grinned and leaned the broom up against a wastebasket, then trotted back across the dock to the main walkway. He stopped a few feet away from the tall figure.


Thorne never tired of the sight of Aiden, and stared for a minute, drinking it in. Aiden’s flaxen hair, soft as silk, and his pale skin, as fine as Italian marble, near glowing in the moonlight. Aiden had broad shoulders, narrow hips, and long, long legs, not to mention an ass that could stop time. He was worth study, like a masterpiece hanging in Louvre. Not that Thorne would ever let Aiden know how he felt. He couldn’t — it was against all the rules. “What time did you get here?”

In response he got a wide, toothy grin, gleaming bright white in the near darkness. “Just now. Damn, it’s good to see you, Thorny.”

His gaze flicked up and met Aiden’s. Those hypnotic green eyes drew him in and pinned him in place. He was unable to look away. Suddenly, nothing mattered to him. Not the dock, not his job, nothing, only Aiden. Only Aiden mattered. Only Aiden…

Thorne shook himself hard. “Knock it off! Jesus, you’ve only been here five fucking seconds and you’re already trying to glamour me? What the fuck, man?”

Aiden laughed, his voice as lush as velvet. “Can’t blame a guy for trying, can you?”

“You’ve been trying since the third grade. Dude, it’s time to get a new hobby.”

A low growl rumbled in Aiden’s throat, and he circled Thorne, his body moving as sinuously as a cat’s, his movements graceful and sensual. Warmth spread through Thorne’s body as, despite his best efforts to the contrary, it responded to Aiden’s heat.

“If you were anyone else, Thorne Hall, I would’ve had you in bed years ago.”

“If by that you mean you would’ve drained me and left my carcass somewhere to rot, then I agree.” Thorne purposely turned his back to Aiden. The last thing he wanted was for Aiden to see the pitch his cock was making against his fly. It would only add fuel to the fire Aiden kept trying to kindle between them. “So, when is the rest of the clan due to arrive?”

“Not for another week or so. I flew ahead to make sure all the preparations have been made.”

Thorne turned back and frowned. “Of course everything’s ready. Do I look like a newbie to you? You know damn well I’ve been doing this all my life, and that my dad did it before me, and my grandfather before him. My family’s got it down, for God’s sake.”

“Shh…You know better than to use the “G” word around me. It upsets my delicate constitution.”

“Bullshit. Save the Dracula-crap for the tourists.”

“You are no fun, Thorny.”

“I’m plenty of fun, and shut up, Aiden.”

They glared at each other for a few minutes, until finally they both cracked grins at the same time.  Neither of them could keep the pretense at anger up any longer. They’d been friends since they were kids, when what they were mattered less than which of them currently held the record in Mario Kart.

It was second nature for them to tease each other, but gods help anybody, vampire or human, who tried to hurt one of them. They’d find themselves either drained or staked, depending on what worked best.

“The caverns have been aired out, dusted, beds made up with fresh linens, and I’ve got twenty-five bags of O negative stocked in the walk-in fridge in case an early storm blows in.”

“Excellent.” Aiden hooked his arm through Thorne’s elbow, and began to walk down the main walkway. At the end of it, past the Ferris wheel, Scrambler, Matterhorn, and bumper cars, was the entrance to Hell.

Not literally, of course. It was an attraction called “Hellbound.” Linked cars followed a track on a slow-moving ride, weaving through some third rate hack’s vision of a Day-Glo Hades. There were garishly painted flames, fiberglass devils, and animated witches in pointy hats jerkily stirring black plastic cauldrons spewing dry ice smoke. Speakers blared a generically creepy soundtrack of cackles, howls, and screams, almost-but-not-quite masking the grinding squeal of hydraulics.

Thorne and Aiden walked into the attraction on foot rather than sitting in one of the little cars. They followed the track deep inside the building to a large, glow-in-the-dark coffin. When the ride was in operation, the hinged lid would pop open as the cars passed, and a luridly painted vampire would spring out at the riders, fangs bared.

For now, the lid remained closed, and they slipped behind the casket and through a black door hidden in the deep shadows.  A set of stone stairs spiraled downward, lit by flickering sconces on the wall.

At the bottom of the stairway there was another door, this one protected by a lock and keypad. Thorne reached past Aiden and punched in a series of numbers. The latch disengaged, and the door clicked open. Thorne gestured grandly, ushering Aiden inside. “After you.”

“Don’t mind if I do.” Aiden flashed Thorne a toothy smile, and walked inside.

Thorne followed, making sure the door closed and locked behind him. It would never do for some wayward tourist or vagrant to stumble into this room. Not unless Thorne wanted to spend his night digging a grave, which he very much didn’t want to do.

Vampires were fiercely protective of their privacy, and with good reason. Too many clans had been discovered and wiped out by misanthropic villagers armed with wooden stakes and iron axes. Genocide tended to make folks skittish about unwanted visitors.

That’s why the vampires create the Guild. Only the most trusted human families, those who could claim a long history of service to the vampire nation, were inducted. My family was among them. Legend had it that my great-great-great-whatever grandfather served Vlad Tepes, himself. In return, the human families were given sanctuary, cushy, well-paying jobs for life, and formally declared off the menu for all vampires, foreign or domestic.

In any case, that’s how I came to be the guardian of the Hopatchee Clan, and best friends with a vampire.

The thing was, I didn’t want to be just friends with Aiden. I wanted more. A lot more, preferably with tons of tongue and friction involved. The problem was, no matter how much Aiden teased me, he and I both knew it just wasn’t done. Vampires didn’t have sex their food, and guardian or not, friend or not, that’s basically what I was, and we both knew it.  I was really nothing more than a glorified Hot Pocket on legs.

Aiden shrugged off the backpack he’d been carrying, and sprawled on a sofa, stretching one leg up over the back. His position gave me a great view of the thick bulge at his crotch. Lovely.

No, really. It was lovely. I wanted to pull his pants down and burrow into it, rubbing my face against his dick and balls.

And what’s worse is, no matter how much I denied it, he knew I was lying. He knew I wanted him.

Did I mention one of the downsides of being a guardian is you can’t lie to members of the clan you’re sworn to protect? Yeah, that.

“Nobody would know, Thorne. Nobody’s here yet, and I doubt if anyone’s going to show up until next week at the earliest. Everyone’s too wrapped up in the season. Halloween is our time of year, after all. They’re all out making the rounds of the “A” list parties.” Aiden licked his lips, and trailed his fingers over the aforementioned bulge. “We have the whole place to ourselves.”

I broke out into a sweat. “We can’t. I took a vow.”

“To protect me. There’s nothing in the pledge that says we can’t fuck.”

“It would be like you’re fucking a Big Mac.”

He sniffed and waved a hand at me. “Please, you have far less fat.”

“You know what I mean!” I turned away, ashamed that I was so eager to break my vow. If he unzipped his fly and I got even the smallest peek at his cock, I’d be done for. I’d rip my clothes off and mount him like Everest. “Vampires feed on humans. Even if I’m a guardian, I’m still human. I’m still food.”

He looked up at me, and in the green depths of his eyes I could see his shrewd mind working, cogs and wheels feverishly spinning. “You’re human now… But nothing says you have to stay that way.”

I felt my eyes flash open wide. “You’ve got to be kidding! Are you seriously suggesting you want to…to…”

“To turn you. Yes.” He sat up, leaning forward, and earnest expression furrowing his brow. “I’ll turn you, Thorne. Think about it. Eternal life. Eternal youth. We can be together forever, and never have to worry what anyone thinks.”

I was blown away by his offer. Turning wasn’t done lightly. Turn too many, and the balance between predator and prey would be upset. It could cause famine for the vampire nation, and extinction for humans.

Still… No, I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. Could I? “I’d have to drink blood. And give up pizza.”

“Pizza is overrated.”

“Have you ever had stuffed crust? Oh, wait, no you haven’t.”

“Harsh, dude.” He stood up and walked toward me, grasping my arms by the elbows. “I’ve been your friend since we were little kids. We’ve grown up together. Now, I’ve reached the Age of Immortality, and won’t ever look a day older, while you’ll continue to march inexorably toward Wrinkle City. You’re balls will droop, your belly will get flabby, your ass will sag, and everything in between will look accordion-pleated. Then you’ll die. Die, Thorny. I don’t want that. Every time I think of losing you, I hurt.”

It was the most poignant, beautiful thing he’d ever said to me, even considering the parts about how gross I was going to look when I got old. “I know. I feel the same way. About losing you, I mean. Personally, I think I’ll make a hot silver fox.”

“Let me turn you, then. We’ll promote your cousin, Sidney, to guardian of the Hopatchee Clan.”

I wrinkled my nose. “Not Sidney. He’s an idiot. He once went swimming in a bathing suit made out of cotton candy. Thought it was going to be the next big thing in swimwear. You can imagine how well that turned out.”

Aiden’s lip curled. Sidney was five foot nothing and weighed over three hundred pounds. “Yeah, I can see that being a bit of a problem.”

I considered the possibilities, mentally ticking off names in my head. “Alicia, maybe. First cousin on my mom’s side. She’s trustworthy, and has a good head on her shoulders.”

His wide smile did funny things to the pit of my stomach. “There, you see? Problem solved.” He opened his arms, and for the first time, I went into them willingly, my smile matching his. He tipped my head at an angle, exposing the soft flesh of my throat. I could feel his hot breath on my skin as he lowered his mouth to where my pulse beat under the surface. “You’re going to love life as a vampire, Thorny.”

“I’d better. I’m giving up stuffed crust pizza for this,” I whispered. Then I closed my eyes, and waited for my new life on Lake Hopatchee to begin.



I’m not sure I’d be willing to give up pizza… I’m just saying, lol! What about all of you? Would you be willing to give up your favorite foods and, well, everything else you’d have to give up, to be immortal? Let me know of you’d accept that off in the comments, and one of you will win an ebook copy of Kiernan’s Nine Tenths of the Law!

All giveaways this week last from their posting date, through November 1st. Winners will be chosen and notified by email on Monday, November 2nd. All giveaways will be fulfilled by the author. You can find the kickoff post for this year’s Halloween Flash Fiction Blog Event HERE, for a listing of all of this week’s participating authors, many including giveaways. Good Luck, everyone!!


  1. Comment by Donna A:

    I could give up pizza but I’m not sure I could give up coffee.

  2. Comment by Dina S:

    nope, I would not want to be immortal

  3. Comment by Sula:

    It would not really bother me to give up food as I have quite a few food allergies and intolerances, so it would be relief not to have to worry about food anymore. I would be more sad having to give up my family if they stayed mortal whilst I became immortal.

    I would love to read more about these two and their story, I wonder if Kiernan or any of the other authors will extend their spooky short stories?

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