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#CMCon16 Featured Author S E Smith joins us today to offer an original little short for our festivities! This was easily one of my favorite pictures from the collection that our authors got to pick from. I have a strange fascination with doorways, archways, gateways, etc. I’m thrilled to see it used the way it has been in this story, and I can’t wait to hear what you think!




The Beast Prince
By S.E. Smith


Chapter 1

Lisa laughed as she ran through the meadow. It was almost midnight, but that didn’t stop the fun that had started over an hour before. If anything, it made the game of manhunt even more fun. She and almost a dozen members of her adopted family ranging in age from four to forty had decided sitting around the fire listening to their parents, grandparents, and cousins reminisce about the ‘good ole days’ was about as exciting as attending a funeral.

Lisa grimaced, that probably wasn’t the best analogy to use considering that was the reason everyone was there; her great grandmother’s funeral. Breathless, she slid down behind a large bale of hay and tried to catch her breath. Laying her hand on her stomach, she leaned back against the coarse straw and listened. The funeral today had been drawn out with almost a hundred family and friends attending. What had surprised Lisa was that her grandparents had insisted on having a huge fire that evening at the old cottage that her great-grandmother had owned outside the city of Bath, England.

She stared up at the glittering stars. From the few times that she had been to England, it was a rare occurrence to be able to see them. With a sigh, she grinned and made a wish on a falling star as it flashed across the sky. Closing her eyes, she thought of her wish – to find a place where she felt like she belonged. Opening her eyes, she shook her head. At twenty, she knew she still had plenty of time to discover that, but still….

“Oh, crap,” she whispered when she heard the sound of footsteps followed by a loud yell and a squeal.

One of her cousins had found another member of her team. Afraid that she would get caught, Lisa held the tiny purse she always carried against her hip and scooted around the side of the haystack before she took off running. She ran down the path, veering to the left when she saw someone with a light up ahead. A short distance later, the path became more overgrown. Slowing to a walk, she glanced back over her shoulder before shrugging them. She was tired and could use the break.

A slight frown creased her brow as she continued down the narrow trail. She didn’t remember this path from her explorations over the last week. She was about to fumble for the small flashlight that she had when the path opened up and the full moon overhead shone down on the remains of an old building of some type.

Lisa stopped and stared in curiosity at the crumbling bricks. The only thing left was an arched doorway and the low brick walls. She could see a tree on the other side of it, but what was really strange was that it looked like it was the middle of the day on the other side. Shaking her head, she briefly looked behind her again and bit her lip before turning to stare at the doorway.

Tilting her head, she silently argued with herself for several long minutes before straightening her shoulders in determination. She wasn’t a wimp and she didn’t need anyone to hold her hand. Clutching the small flashlight in one hand and pulling her cell phone out of the pocket of her jeans, she slowly stepped through the crumbling entrance.



Dun Dun Dunnnnnn!

So… whattaya think? If you wandered upon an archway in the darkness, one that showed daylight on the other side… would YOU walk through it? Tell me what you think in the comments, and one lucky person will win an ebook copy of Voyage of the Defiance, the brand new first book in S E Smith’s Breaking Free series.

(And if you want to read the rest of The Beast Prince… you can find it on her free reads page, HERE!)

All giveaways this week last from their posting date, through November 1st. Winners will be chosen and notified by email on Monday, November 2nd. All giveaways will be fulfilled by the author. You can find the kickoff post for this year’s Halloween Flash Fiction Blog Event HERE, for a listing of all of this week’s participating authors, many including giveaways. Good Luck, everyone!!


  1. Comment by Christine Bean:

    I would definitely walk through the archway to see what was on the other side! I want to read more to see what happens!

  2. Comment by Robin Thompson:

    Great start, when are you going to finish 😉 I don’t know if I would go, all depends on what I’d be leaving behind

  3. Comment by SE Smith:

    The full story is on my website under the free reads! 🙂

  4. Comment by Jessie Collins:

    First I would be shocked to find a portal. Then my curiosity would get the better of me. I might toss a rock or some other item through first but I would go through the archway!

  5. Comment by Pamk:

    Might depends on what else I ccould see
    I’m going to read this free story

  6. Comment by Kandi Candels:

    i would totally do it, it would be an adventure.

  7. Comment by Janyce:

    I loved your tale and if I was lucky enough to find a magic doorway, I would like to think I had enough courage to enter it. Like Lisa I believe in fate and everything does happen for a reason so if it was my destiny then hopefully I would not fight it! The possibilities are endless. Thanks J.

  8. Comment by Kathy Keenan:

    I think curiosity would pull me through before my brain caught up and asked if I was crazy.

  9. Comment by Dot:

    Loved the story. I don’t know if I would have the nerve to walk through the doorway but I’m sure I’d get close enough to take a good look through it.

  10. Comment by Brenda:

    I would like to think that I would sneak a peek and step through to see what wonders await on the other side.

  11. Comment by Dina S:

    I would go into it and hope for goodness beyond it

  12. Comment by donnas:

    Im pretty sure I would.

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