Mistletoe Madness Blog Event featuring Sara Humphreys

Welcome to the Mistletoe Madness Blog Event!! I’ve teamed up with That’s What I’m Talking About and Blogging By Liza to bring you some fun holiday posts from a whole slew of awesome authors.


It’s is a two week event where authors with 2015 winter releases (November 2015 — January 2016) will take over our blogs with guest posts written from one of their character’s POV with a holiday theme (Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, New Years, etc.). There will be exclusive bonus scenes, recipes, top 10 lists… all manor of shenanigan is possible. Some authors are including giveaways, too, so be sure to check out each days’ posts! You can check out the full schedule on the Kickoff Post.

Today, Sara Humphreys, author of the upcoming THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE VAMPIRE, shares “The Good, The Bad, and The Fabulous” of the holiday season. (She also shares a contest at the end!!)

The Good, the Bad, and the Fabulous of the Holiday Season by Sara Humphreys
Like everyone else in the free world, I’m running around like a crazy person during this time of year but I didn’t want to miss out on the Mistletoe Madness! The fourth installment of my Dead in the City series will be released January 5th. In the spirit of THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE VAMPIRE…here’s my list of the The Good, the Bad, and the Fabulous for the holiday season.
The Good
Generosity of Spirit and Overall Kindness: We get our Christmas tree during Thanksgiving weekend and my four sons love to tease me about how early we put the decorations up. I love the overall feeling of the holiday season. Christmas day is lovely but it’s the whole season I really enjoy and I want to squeeze as much out of it as I can. People are generally kinder. There’s a spirit of goodwill in the air and who doesn’t want more of that? 
The Bad
Too much food and booze: I love food and wine and the holiday season brings a plethora of both. I simply can’t say no to a big glass of Malbec or some homemade cookies–or twelve. My goal this year is to enjoy the holidays without piling on any extra pounds. Put it this way, I don’t want to have to ask Santa for pants in a bigger size. We shall see.

The Fabulous
Family time: There is nothing I enjoy more than spending time with my family and luckily the holidays create the perfect opportunity to do exactly that. When I’m with them, I laugh loudly and often. Love and laughter? Yeah, that’s about as fabulous as life gets.

How about you? What do you think is good, bad, and fabulous about the holiday season?

Each commenter will be entered to win one ebook copy from Sara’s backlist! (This is the perfect way to start the Vampires in NYC series, if you haven’t already!) Contest starts now, and runs through December 24th. Winner will be chosen and notified on December 28th.

**When you’re done weighing the pros and cons of the season here… be sure to check out what That’s What I’m Talking About has got going on with Sorcha Mowbray!**


  1. Comment by Lori H:

    The good- we try to give back during the holidays by making food baskets or caroling at the elderly homes.
    The bad- over eating and over spending.
    The Fabulous- time with my large family of 8 and now we’ve added a son-in-law and 2 gorgeous grandsons to the 8 making it 11 🙂

  2. Comment by Jess1:

    The good – would be the festive atmosphere of the season with the lights, music, food etc.
    The bad – commercialism and over-spending.
    The fabulous – giving to others, family.

  3. Comment by Margaret:

    Good – I love putting gifts together and wrapping them.

    Bad – I spent many years working in retail and the hours were the worst.

    Fabulous – My wrapped gifts with their pretty bows 😃

  4. Comment by Sheila Dudley:

    The good is seeing the genetics generosity of people and them doing the acts unselfishly. The bad are the rudeness of people when in the stores. The fabulous is seeing the innocent wonder in children’s eyes of Santa Claus.

  5. Comment by JenM:

    The good – Christmas lights. I love driving around and seeing how people decorate their houses
    The bad – endless Christmas carols and commercials. Most of the time I just keep the TV off to avoid them.
    The fabulous – I love the Christmas spirit, how people are more willing to be generous at this time of year.

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