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Welcome to the Mistletoe Madness Blog Event!! I’ve teamed up with That’s What I’m Talking About and Blogging By Liza to bring you some fun holiday posts from a whole slew of awesome authors.


It’s is a two week event where authors with 2015 winter releases (November 2015 — January 2016) will take over our blogs with guest posts written from one of their character’s POV with a holiday theme (Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, New Years, etc.). There will be exclusive bonus scenes, recipes, top 10 lists… all manor of shenanigan is possible. Some authors are including giveaways, too, so be sure to check out each days’ posts! You can check out the full schedule on the Kickoff Post.

Terry Spear is getting her fictional crew in the holiday spirit. Today we get a little sneak peek at a Christmas Day happening in Yuma Town. (And after, she’s got a present for you… you can enter to win her newest audiobook release, A SILVER WOLF CHRISTMAS.)


Christmas in Yuma Town

Ava Summers might be on the run, but she had to eat and when she saw a tea shop, nothing else in Yuma Town that featured a drive-through, fast food, shop and grab, not even the service stations, she decided that was the next best thing.

As soon as she walked into the beautiful, Victorian tea shop decorated in antiques, where a few women were seated at tables having sandwiches, soups, and salads, she noticed a number of women dressed in holiday sweaters and dresses heading into a room. Intrigued, she walked over to see what was going on. In the large room, Ava got a welcome eyeful of one sexy Santa wearing red pants and black boots, his sculpted abs bared, and his rugged face completely free of facial hair. It appeared to be a special Christmas social for women in Yuma Town.

Though he wore the traditional Santa hat and pants, the rest of him was untraditionally fine. Well, better than fine. He was a cougar too.

“Who is he?” Ava whispered to one of the women standing in line.

The woman glanced at her. “You must not be from around here.”

“No, I just stopped in for a quick lunch on my way through town.” Ava pulled out her camera to take a shot of the sexy Santa before another eager woman sat on Santa’s lap to tell him what she wanted for Christmas.

“Aww. Well, that’s Stryker Hill, Deputy Sheriff of Yuma Town, and a bachelor, I might add. The money gathered from the event will be given to families in need for Christmas.”

“That’s wonderful,” Ava said, knowing just what she wanted to ask the hunky Santa for Christmas, if it didn’t get her arrested. Not that she was hanging around to meet him, or anyone else in law enforcement. She didn’t do well with their kind.

Even so, she caught his eye as she took another picture, and this time he smiled. She actually liked his darker look, his dark hair cut short probably because of his occupation, his blue eyes studying her, as she still held the camera in front of her face. She didn’t pull the camera away from her face until she turned and headed for the door. Any law enforcement officer could create problems for her.

She returned to the main dining room, glanced at the sign that said Santa would be there for two more hours. Good. She thought she’d have to drive on when she was starving. She’d grab something to eat, smiling at the knowledge that the deputy sheriff was playing Santa and wasn’t watching for criminals on the run while she was in the next room having lunch.

Not that she was truly a criminal on the run, but some seemed to think so.


Stryker Hill ignored the woman who sat on his lap as he watched the woman taking pictures of him leave the room. When Dottie Brown, their dispatcher, sat on his lap, he smiled up at her. “So, did you get her name?”

“Who?” Dottie frowned.

“The woman who was taking pictures of me.”

“No. Didn’t think to ask. She said she was just dropping in to grab lunch. I guess the crowd caught her attention.”

“Was she impressed?”

Dottie laughed. “She did take pictures, you know. Probably will plaster you all over Twitter and Facebook.”

He chuckled. “So what do you want for Christmas this year, young lady?”

Dottie smiled. “That you and I find the loves of our lives in the New Year. Wouldn’t that be the best?”

“I couldn’t agree with you more. Hey, you set this up. Does it allow for bathroom breaks?”

“Only after it’s over.” She looked back at the long line of women eager to see him. “I could see them grabbing you and ripping your clothes off if you tried to slip away.”

“But I’m a deputy sheriff.”

“Today, you’re just one hot, sexy Santa.”

By the time he was done with his mission, Stryker knew the woman would be gone if she was only here to grab a quick lunch and head on out. But even so, he asked the waitress if the woman had paid in cash or used a credit card.


Stryker had only one wish for Christmas—that he could see the mystery woman who took his pictures and find out what she wanted for Christmas.


silver-wolf-christmas-300-500-x750Big thank you to Terry for sharing that little tidbit with us. Now… for a chance to win an audiobook copy of A SILVER WOLF CHRISTMAS, what’s on YOUR holiday wish list? Comment below to enter. Contest starts now, and ends at midnight pacific on December 24th. Winner will be chosen and notified on December 28th. GOOD LUCK!!

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  1. Comment by Jess1:

    I bet Stryker as the sexy Santa raised a lot of money. 😉

  2. Comment by Caryn Moya Block:

    Loving this, Terry!
    Can’t wait to read the rest.

  3. Comment by Dottie Brown:

    Stryker did help raise a lot of money for charity but he also raised some eyebrows and definitely raised the room temperature too! LOL

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