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Welcome to the Mistletoe Madness Blog Event!! I’ve teamed up with That’s What I’m Talking About and Blogging By Liza to bring you some fun holiday posts from a whole slew of awesome authors.


It’s is a two week event where authors with 2015 winter releases (November 2015 — January 2016) will take over our blogs with guest posts written from one of their character’s POV with a holiday theme (Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, New Years, etc.). There will be exclusive bonus scenes, recipes, top 10 lists… all manor of shenanigan is possible. Some authors are including giveaways, too, so be sure to check out each days’ posts! You can check out the full schedule on the Kickoff Post.

Today we get a little peek into the mind of Jenise Langley, from A C Arthur’s newest release, Wrapped In A Donovan (just released yesterday!!). To celebrate the release, A C is offering a giveaway for 3 lucky readers!! Check out the details below!


The Magic of Mistletoe

I read somewhere that mistletoe is a partial parasite, a “hemiparasite” to be exact. This plant actually sends out its roots to penetrate a tree and suck out all of its nutrients. Fun, huh? By its magical definition, mistletoe was considered to bestow life and fertility. It was a protection against poisons and yep, the best part is coming…mistletoe was an aphrodisiac. So it’s no wonder kissing beneath the mistletoe caught on so fast because everybody knows what a kiss leads to. (wink, wink)

WrappedInADonovanI believe in Christmas and the magical feeling of the season because I come from a big family that made this holiday the biggest and most enjoyable celebration every year. Only this year, I’m not spending the holidays with my family. I’m in Miami, starting my branch of the family business and trying to make a name for myself in the legal field. I’m working my ass off and seeing the results. I’ve just landed a huge case with a very reputable client. This case is everything the top defense attorneys in the world are made of—wealthy and famous family, business drama, family secrets and murder. I was actually salivating when Savian Donovan showed up at my door requesting representation. Unfortunately, that reaction wasn’t solely for the case he was presenting to me.

This guy, Mr. Donovan, was seriously HOT! And I didn’t need any mistletoe hanging above my head to want to kiss him. Still, it was there and so was I, and so I did. I stood on my tiptoes—because his hotness consisted of how tall and muscled he was—and kissed him. He kissed me back and that’s where the magic ended and the mischief of capturing my heart began.

Mr. Sexy As Hell Donovan could not only kiss, but he was fabulous in bed! He brought the most expensive and sexiest lingerie for a woman of my curvaceous size I’d ever seen. He had the best taste in cars and books and, like me, knew that work came first, always. The one fatal flaw with how this mistletoe thing worked was that when it extended its roots, it planted deep and wholeheartedly, so that even in my attempts to break free, I was caught, undoubtedly. I’m not a quitter, never have been, but damn, this love thing is hard, especially when the other party is resistant. Like I said before, I’ve always believed in the magic of Christmas and the romantic and fun allure of mistletoe, but this season I’m questioning everything, from the innocence of my client, to the faith I once had in the “most wonderful time of the year”. I’m really considering walking away from this one—the guy and the case. It’s just too much of an ordeal for me personally and, as it turns out, professionally. I’m reeling here and can only see one way out, but then…

…he kisses me under the mistletoe once more and the mischief really does turn to magic and our happily ever after finally begins.

–Jenise Langley


For a chance to win an autographed copy of any one of A C Arthur’s books, comment below with one of your favorite holiday traditions. Are you a fan of kissing under the mistletoe? Do you have another tradition? Is there any history or mythology behind it? Each comment will be one entry, starting now and ending at midnight pacific on December 24th. THREE winners will be chosen and notified on December 28th. GOOD LUCK!

After we chat a bit about some of your favorite holiday traditions… be sure to check out the other fun Mistletoe Madness posts up today…


  1. Comment by Jess1:

    I like to see the holiday lights around the neighborhood. Happy Holidays!

  2. Comment by Lori:

    Our family tradition is to stay at home on Christmas Day and make homemade pizza, watch Christmas movies, play board games, and just chill 🙂

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