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Today I’m happy to welcome yet another “new to Coastal Magic” Featured Author, A E Via. Today is day four of our Halloween Flash Fiction Blog Event, and A E has another fun, and a little sexy, story for us.


Today’s contest entry is a little different. Rather than just leaving a general question or comment — A E has asked a question about your Halloween traditions. Be sure to chat with us about your holiday fun to be entered to win a prize pack of books & swag from many of our authors this week! (And be sure to check back on our “kickoff post” for the full schedule of participating authors. So many great stories, and each day you can enter to win!)

Here’s the image that inspired her story…

Fall For An Eternity by kkart

Fall For An Eternity by kkart


Making Scary Sexy

Genesis Godfrey and Curtis Jackson

(From the Best-Selling series: Nothing Special)

Genesis watched his boyfriend of almost two years walk back and forth while he spoke with one of his two fathers. He would stop every couple passes and run his hand through the long blond hair on top of his head.

“I know, Dad. I tried to talk to him, he’s just an evil bastard that enjoys his little bit of authority.”

Genesis had just finished pulling his shirt on when Curtis tapped him on the shoulder, handing him his cell phone. He barely refrained from rolling his eyes when he took it and left the room. He went into their den and hit the speakerphone so he could tie up his boots. “Hey.”

“What the fuck, Gen? Why’s my boy still getting the business at that school?”

“Hi Ruxs, it’s nice to hear from you too.” Genesis sighed. His boyfriend’s fathers were two badass detectives with one of the most dangerous narcotics task forces in Atlanta. Terrifying was a gross understatement to describe either of them.

“Cut the crap. I asked you to handle that prick,” Ruxs growled.

“Curtis is a grown man, Ruxs. You know he doesn’t like anyone stepping in to fight his battles. He may be smaller than us but he can handle his own business.”

“I know he can! You think I don’t know that. Curtis will keep taking the abuse because he’ll do anything for those kids. He’ll never risk losing that job. So now I want you to go and put the fear of God in that piece of shit. He’s probably doing it because he’s gay or who-the-hell-knows – I don’t give a damn. Just handle it, Genesis… without Curtis knowing.”

“Alright,” Genesis huffed, peeking around the corner to make sure Curtis was still down the hall.

“I mean it. I don’t want to hear him so upset again. Either you do it… or we’re coming to do it,” Ruxs snarled.

“No! No, no, no. I like this city. I can handle it.” Genesis didn’t need the Enforcers coming to DC. No damn way.

“Good.” Click.

Genesis went back into their room and tossed Curtis’ cell phone on the bed. “I’m sorry you had a bad day today,” he whispered, coming up behind his lover and resting his chin on top of his head, massaging his tense shoulders.

“Yeah. Damnit.” Curtis leaned his head back against Genesis’ broad chest. “I don’t know why he treats me like that. I’ve never done a thing to him but he rides my ass like a goddamn horse jockey.”

Genesis chuckled at his boyfriend’s unique sense of humor. “Okay first, I don’t like that reference whatsoever, and two, it’s a volunteer job, babe. Why don’t you find another center?”

“No. I love those kids. They trust me. I can’t just walk out, Gen. I know what that feels like.” Curtis dropped down on their large bed and began pulling on his tan leather boots.

“Alright. Let’s not think about that anymore tonight. We both finally have a weekend off, let’s kick this Friday off on a more enthusiastic…” Genesis yanked Curtis to his feet, pulling him into his body, loving the way he melted into him. “…and sexier note, whatd’ya say? Just me and you out on the town, enjoying the fall weather. You love this time of year… colorful leaves, fun decorations… trick-or-treaters.”

Curtis smiled up at him. “You’re right. I sure do. Okay. Let’s do something fun.”

“You wanna go to a club or something?” Genesis ran his rough stubble across Curtis’ soft hair. “Whatever you want.”

“Ugh. No club. Someone always recognizes you and wants an autograph, then they want to spend the rest of the evening talking about football. No, thanks. You’re all mine tonight.”

Genesis was a Heisman trophy winner with the Georgia Bulldogs his senior year and was a first round NFL draft pick, but choose to take his engineering scholarship and opt for a less complicated life in DC with the love of his life. People called him insane for turning down millions, but he made a good living working for Apple and he liked coming home to his partner every night.

Walking close to each other, with his arm draped over Curtis’ shoulder, they passed decorated storefronts with standing ghost statues and door entrances encased in fake cobwebs “I used to love Halloween. We should pass out candy.”

“What?! I’m not… you can.”

“Why?” Curtis frowned.

“Because it’s on Monday night. Bears are playing. It’ll take the National Guard to get me off that couch for even a second.”

Curtis hugged him closer, using Genesis’ bulk to shield him from the brisk weather. The scary holiday was only a few days away and the city streets were full of holiday attractions. Walking past a popular DC park, Genesis looked up and read the huge banner decorated to the nines. HALLOWEEN HAYRIDE.

“Hey, let’s go in, babe. It looks fun.” Genesis was already walking up to the gate, pulling Curtis behind him, to pay the five-dollar admission. It wasn’t their first time at that particular park, but it was awesome to see it all decorated with inflatable pumpkins, carved jack-o-lanterns, ghouls hanging from trees, and glow in the dark skeletons. Genesis let Curtis stop and peruse vendors selling candy apples and fall decorations, simply enjoying his smile.

“Hayride is right here.” Curtis stood behind another couple waiting for the next small pony-drawn buggy.

Since it was dusk, there wasn’t much activity and they were able to get their own trailer. The ride was bumpy and the creepy individuals lurking in the dark forest were more entertaining than scary. Genesis let Curtis lean back against him, wrapping him up tight while they smirked at the valiant attempts to frighten them. Instead of focusing on that, he reclined and enjoyed the weather. “At least we’ll have some vacation time when we go to my brother’s wedding in a couple months. That’ll be good.”

“Yes, Jesus. I need it, too.” Curtis tilted his head up, silently asking for a kiss.

Genesis nipped and licked at Curtis’ soft pink lips, neither of them breaking to acknowledge the young woman dressed up as a witch jumping onto the side of their buggy. Rolling her eyes, she jumped down and got back in position, ready for the next one to come through.

The ride came to a stop and the driver, wearing a mummy costume, turned and told them the ride was over and pointed to a small one-story building. “You can go through the poltergeist house or cut through the haunted graveyard to exit.”

Genesis stepped down, reaching back for Curtis. The buggy pulled off and both of them stood there, staring at the small concrete path that led to an iron door between two large concrete pillars. It wasn’t the dark gray asylum-style door itself that was spooky; it was the vast amount of dead vines that cloaked it. It appeared dreary and desolate, as if the building was too ancient and unique to tear down. Clearly, it wasn’t inhabitable, it just sat out there in the middle of the old park; an abandoned structure that looked like a dwelling fit for the crypt keeper.

“Yeah, we’ll just go through the fake cemetery.” Curtis chuckled nervously.

“No. Let’s go in. I wanna know what it looks like in there. It’s all made up.” Genesis nodded toward the doors.

“I don’t think that’s made up. It looks like the Blair witch naps in there. I’ll pass.” Curtis turned in the direction of the field cleverly decorated with artificial tombstones and fake fog.

Genesis ran up to his lover and grabbed him from behind, pressing his mouth behind his ear. “You scared, baby? It’s alright, I’ll protect you.”

Curtis scoffed, “No, I’m not scared. I just think it’s stupid. I don’t wanna go in.”

“Oh, come on. We’ve paid the fee for the park. Let’s do it. Besides, I haven’t been in a haunted house since my sophomore year in college.”

“I wouldn’t tell anyone that,” Curtis deadpanned, letting Genesis pull him up the four concrete steps covered with dark orange and yellow fall leaves.

Genesis pushed open the heavy door, the sound of the metal groaning loudly. He looked back to see Curtis practically on his back. He smiled at him and winked mischievously. Since he didn’t see any more buggies approaching, Genesis closed the door behind them.

It was dark, but the deep purple and red strobe lights helped them find the crack in the blood red curtain that hung a few feet from the entrance. There was a sound machine in the corner playing loud, howling wind sounds and screaming banshees. There were no other people inside or anything jumping out at them as they surveyed the dreary interior. It was more a ghoulish art display than frightening. In the main area was a long, ten-chair dining room table, which Genesis had to admit was cool as hell. There were glowing skeletons propped in various positions in front of plates that held everything from realistic-looking depictions of guts, eyeballs, and brains, to decapitated heads and body parts. Gothic candles illuminated the exhibit and more strobe lights danced around the table. Curtis held on tight to his arms while they looked around the gruesome set-up.

“Wow, someone really put a lot of work into this,” Curtis whispered.

“I can only imagine how packed this place is on Halloween,” Genesis said, walking around the one wall into what he guessed was supposed to be the poltergeist room. As they moved, black lights flickered and ratty sheet-covered ghosts, hung from the high ceiling, dropped and ascended in quick intervals. Curtis flinched when an extremely old-fashioned turntable came to life and began playing sounds of a man moaning like he was being tortured.

“Okay, I’m done.” Curtis tapped him on his back. “That sounds disturbing.”

Genesis laughed. “I know, right. I wonder where they got that soundtrack from. This is supposed to be PG-13, I’d assume.”

Genesis spun around, walking Curtis backwards against the door that’d lead them out of the freaky house. He pushed his hard body against Curtis, talking to him in that deep, whisky drawl that he knew got his guy going. “It sounds like the moans that guy was making in the video we watched online the other night, doesn’t it.”

Curtis looked up at him, his beautiful baby blues were hard to see in the darkness, but Genesis knew they shone with amusement, and probably a little lust. “What do you think you’re doing? You can’t possibly be getting turned on right now. There’s a drooling zombie in the corner.” Curtis wrapped his arms around Genesis’ waist, pulling him closer to him.

“I don’t care where we are or what’s around, I’m always turned on with you in my arms,” Genesis whispered, gripping Curtis’ chin in his calloused hand and tilting his mouth up to his own. He didn’t waste time with timid kisses – he’d done that on the ride – now he was thirsty. With his other hand, he gripped the back of Curtis’ neck and devoured his mouth, right there amidst the fake horror scene. It all seemed to disappear for a moment, especially when Curtis’ moans mixed in with the recorded man’s. Genesis pressed his body in closer, using his brawn to keep Curtis exactly where he wanted for as long as he wanted. He was getting hard, and as much as he wanted to reach inside those well-worn jeans and make Curtis moan a little louder, he wouldn’t risk anyone catching them.

“Ohh, Genny. Hell. How do you do this to me every time?” Curtis whispered, licking at the corners of Genesis’ mouth.

“Mmm. Because you’re mine, sweetheart.” Genesis drawled, running his hand down Curtis’ back to his supple ass, giving it hard squeeze, earning him a sensual groan against his stubbled cheek.

“Let’s get the hell outta here, so you can finish what you started,” Curtis murmured.

Genesis laughed, pushing open the door. “Does Halloween bring out the freak in you, baby?”

“I think it does for everyone.” Curtis grinned slyly, stealing another quick kiss on his way past.

The End,… for now.


nothingspecial-banner-jayaheer2015-bw150dpi-cityHope you enjoyed this teaser of Curtis and Gen. You’ve been asking for more of them and I love to give the readers what they want. This event was so much fun to participate in, and I found it extremely entertaining that the time frame perfectly coincides with Nothing Special 5, that’s releasing on Christmas Day. Be sure to keep an eye on my website for more current information; or read the extensive excerpt at the end of my new release: The Secrets in My Scowl. You might be one of the lucky winners in my current giveaway to receive an advanced copy.

Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year. Leave a comment on what you and your special someone / or family likes to do on Halloween.


  1. Comment by Amanda Logsdon:

    Smoking hot as always. I can’t wait to read Gen and Curtis’ story! At least I have enough time to do a reread of the series before it comes out!!!

  2. Comment by Kim Hay:

    Love decorating the front porch with huge spider webs and body parts add some colored lights and fake blood splattered everywhere. Halloween always brings out the kid in me because I can have all the candy I want

  3. Comment by Jen reilley:

    Awesome. Thank you so much for a awesome series with HOT HOT characters.

  4. Comment by CL Harris:

    Halloween is odd in my house. We do the traditional pumpkin, candy, etc., but the oddness comes in since we have to balance it with celebrating my little girl’s birthday and listen to my son remind us every year that she ruined his Halloween the day she was born cause we didn’t pack his costume and there was only goofy stuff at the store. Yeah, she’ll be 12 come Monday and we still hear about it. So along with the ghosts, pumpkins, and ghouls, we also have bright purple balloons and birthday cake. She would wear her birthday girl badge and tell everyone that it was her birthday. Never failed, they gave her extra candy lol.

  5. Comment by Trish Edmisten:

    I love this. Can’t wait for more. Never been on a hayride, but I do like to dress up as Morticia Adams every year and hand out candy. Yes, every year.

  6. Comment by Mel Hughes:

    Love it, we always love to dress up in Halloween 🎃

  7. Comment by Viv:

    Love it!

    I’m from St. Louis and we always require the kids to tell us a joke before they get candy.

  8. Comment by Laina Gruver:

    We used to go trick-or-treating in Disneyland when the kids were younger, now we just hand out candy at home while watching “Halloween/Scary movies”

  9. Comment by Nanee:

    I live way in the country so no trick or treaters but this year hoping to go visit my sister and nephew !

  10. Comment by Jen reilley:

    Edit my message above. We really just give out candy for Halloween. First year my son doesn’t want to go out

  11. Comment by Lisa Sullivan:

    I have been waiting for Genesis and Curtis’ story!!! You’re the greatest, AE Via!📚😍

  12. Comment by Alma:

    I just love Halloween my daughter and me dress up every year and we walked all around our neighborhood asking for candy

  13. Comment by Michelle:

    Living in Florida, we do the typical Halloween Horror Nights at Universal as a family. I’m 47 now and haunted houses still get me even though I know they are fake. This year though, we are going to spend it in St. Augustine and do the haunted lighthouse tour. It’s been proven that the lighthouse really is haunted, so I’m scared and excited at the same time. Every holiday is all about family for me.

  14. Comment by Jenny Wood:

    I loved this little sneak peek. I loved these two so much!
    Hmmm, let’s see, my family and I (my two boys, aged 11 and 13), we go on the weekend before to the heritage festival in our town. Hayrides and games and prizes and all that jazz, then on halloween night, we go to a haunted house, usually in the next town over because it’s amazing and they mix it up every year, so although the same location and people, everything is different from the rooms to the decor…. it’s pretty creepy. Then we come home and pass out candy ourselves; which translates into…. we pass it out for an hour then eat the rest ourselves. 😛
    We’re going to be pumpkin carving tonight, but I don’t see good things. I’m not crafty at all!

  15. Comment by donnas:

    Great story! We dont do much anymore.

  16. Comment by Samantha Rozyczko:

    Great read. Totally need more of them. The husband and I use to just go to parties. Then we had our kidlet. He was stationed back in Va while we still lived in Ga so the only thang we did was Trick or Treating with really close friends. I hope in time will can come up with some family traditions that she likes to do. Congrats on the new release reading it and loving it so far.

  17. Comment by Tina:

    Awesome lil’ tidbit there . I’m ready for the rest and always impatient for it !

  18. Comment by Serena S.:

    Awesome flash fic, I loved it. Thanks!
    We do not celebrate Halloween in my country but I always thought it seemed fun. I love the decorations and the way people enjoy it.

  19. Comment by Ruffo Romero:

    Omg that was amazing!!!! And it also had my Ruxs💋💋 I cannot wait until Christmas! On a sepearate note I used to take my cousins out trick or treating, now off do a Halloween party on Saturday!!

  20. Comment by Michele:

    I loved this little teaser of Genesis, and Curtis. I was hoping we would get something on them. As for our Halloween tradition, we always do trick-or-treating in my neighborhood. Our street is filled with kids that are close together in age, mine included. Typically one of three houses turn their garage into a haunted house and we all contribute decorations to make it an incredible experience for them. I have a very realistic screaming skull, and tons of descending furry spiders in various sizes. On one side we have a ton of snacks for every palet. From dips decorated like cobwebs, candy made to look like eyeballs, hot dogs made to look like fingers, bubbling culldron of punch with dry ice, you name it we have it. We did this every year until last year. Now almost all of them are in high school or just began high school.

  21. Comment by Lyric:

    Just the normal stuff Halloween parties, handing out candy etc..

  22. Comment by Jo:

    I loved this. I am from the Caribbean and celebrating Halloween some us wear costumes to party. But I love watching movies like Freddy vs Jason on tv then being scared shitless and to freaked out to fall asleep.
    Its awesome!!!!!!🍻🍹🍸🍎

  23. Comment by Lori:

    The whole month of October we visit haunted houses. The south has some of the best that are in actual houses that are reported to be haunted. The 26th is my daughters bday so we have a Halloween party complete with haunted rooms. Then the 31st Trick or Treat on the town square. Anyway Gen and Curtis are going to get their own book?

  24. Comment by Linda Shoun:

    Have not been able to have trick or treaters for a few years. Lived with my older sister in a senior apartment complex, none allowed. Then in a condo development with very few kids. Now in an area with houses far apart, and both my housemate and I have to work tonight. Would like to give out candy, but no chance. I buy candy for my church family to give out in Trunk-n-Treat.

  25. Comment by Aletheia Knights:

    Now that my husband has retired and we’re moving into a new home, it’s time for us to make some new traditions. We didn’t get our chance this year, but in the town we’re going to be living in soon, there’s a pumpkin patch/haunted house we’re looking forward to visiting next year!

  26. Comment by Al:

    I don’t reallly have ant traditions, unless you count buying candy for trick-or-treaters that never cone and then eating it all by myself.

    I enjoyed meeting you this year and look forward to seeinng you in February!

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