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Romance Awareness Month!! 25+ Authors & Giveaways!

Posted July 31, 2017 By Jennifer

Romance plays a part in so many of the stories we love. The romantic relationship might be the focus of the story, or something low-key that happens on the sideline. It can be the sure, solid rock that the hero and heroine builds their life on, or something fun, flirty, and fleeting. Regardless of whether it’s a “happily ever after” or a “happy for now”, there’s a romance perfect for every reader.

I was thrilled to find out that August is Romance Awareness Month!! It’s a real thing!

So… I went to the people who tell the tales. Some of our favorite authors have answered a quick Q&A about their own romances, they’re favorite romances, and the romances they written for us. In addition, they’re all giving our blog readers a chance to win goodies!

The schedule for the weekday posts is below – and we’ll have a few weekend surprise posts, as well! Which authors are YOU looking forward to hearing from?


July 31 – Kickoff & Full Schedule
August 1 – Mari Carr
August 2 – Ashlyn Chase
August 3 – Terry Spear
August 4 – Ashley Gardner (Jennifer Ashley)
August 7 – Dee Davis
August 8 – Kait Ballenger
August 9 – Alyssa Day
August 10 – Kate Douglas
August 11 – Megan Hart
August 14 – Angie Fox
August 15 – Tawdra Kandle
August 16 – Elicia Hyder
August 17 – Menna Van Praag
August 18 – Mary Calmes
August 21 – Kate McMurray
August 22 – Susan Bishop Crispell
August 23 – Dianna Love
August 24 – Julie Ann Walker
August 25 – Mia Sheridan
August 28 – Kerrelyn Sparks
August 29 – Jeffe Kennedy
August 30 – Nina Croft
August 31 – Jessica Scott
September 1 – Wrap Up & Full Winners List

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