Dee Davis Q&A and Giveaway: Romance Awareness Month



Just a few weeks ago, I was happily surprised to find that August is Romance Awareness Month! I can’t find an origin, but it’s a real thing, and I’m ALL FOR IT!

To celebrate, I sent an *all call* to some of my favorite romance authors, asking each of them the same questions about romance (their own, their favorites, and their characters). All month long we’ll be sharing the authors’ answers, and EVERY ONE OF THEM is offering a giveaway!



In today’s post, we welcome bestselling romantic suspense author Dee Davis!

Dee is celebrating the recent release of the first book in her new Triad series, FADE TO GRAY.


Nothing is ever black and white…

When Emily Masterson wakes up in a strange bed with a dead man, she does the only thing she can think to do.  She calls the one man who can help her.  A man who betrayed her years ago—the only man she’s ever loved.

Gideon Sloan might be in the business of helping people, he just never thought one of them would be Emily.  After using all his resources to help her, he swears never to see her again, but a second attempt on her life leaves him racing against a clock to keep her alive.

Even as the killer circles closer, passion reignites, but secrets from the past threaten to destroy their fragile truce.  Only together can they find answers and—if they survive—a second chance at love.




What is your simple definition of “romance”?

A look, a touch, a spark, a sigh. Souls forged in a fire of passion and commitment.

What is the most romantic thing someone’s done for you?

When we were moving to Vienna, we sold a lot of our things in a garage sale (tag sale for your northeasterners). One of the items I sold was an old mixer (the kind with two white ceramic bowls that spin) that belonged to my grandmother. We had a new Kitchen Aide and so I decided that I didn’t have room in the shipping boxes for two mixers. It sold the very first day. and I was heartbroken, but certain I’d done the right thing. Fast forward five years, and I’m back in the US, my grandmother has died and I am lamenting the fact that I let the mixer go. It represented so much of my grandmother to me. That Christmas I opened a very large present from my husband only to find my mixer. Not a replacement but my grandmother’s actual mixer right down to the electrician’s tape on the cord. He knew that some day I’d regret giving it up. And so he took it off the table that first day–then waited until the right time to give it back to me. And here I sit twenty years later…and the mixer is sitting on the counter right next to the Kitchen Aide.

Do you have any “romance mishaps” you can share?

When I was in 10th grade, there was a guy in my neighborhood that I really liked. Once Saturday he knocked on the door. My dad answered. My six-foot two, linebacker looking dad. And when the guy asked if I was home. Daddy (who was actually quite shy) panicked and told him I wasn’t home-and wouldn’t be anytime soon. I was upstairs reading…and he knew it. The guy never made any further attempt to see me. Thanks Daddy.

If your own romance was a novel, the title would be…

Wherever You Lead…

What is the most romantic thing one of your characters has done for their love interest? 

Travel 500 years through time.

Do you have a favorite romance trope? (Either to read, or write.) If so, which one?

I have a thing for arrogant dukes and feisty heroines who take them on. (Pride and Prejudice anyone?)

Who is your favorite (aside from one of your own) fictional romantic couple?

Darcy and Elizabeth. Although Emma and Knightly are really a close second.



Dee has quite a few different series for readers to enjoy, ranging from funny contemporaries, to time travel, to the romantic thrillers she’s known for. If you’re new to her writing, or if you’ve not started her Liar’s Game series yet, you’re in for a treat! Today’s giveaway is one digital copy of EYE OF THE STORM, the first book in the series. To enter, comment below with your favorite romantic trope to read. One winner will be selected, at random, from all entries posted by August 15th, and notified by email. Full winners list will be posted on September 1st.

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